Yurtfest 2010

The Crayons family have just returned from our ‘summer holiday’ trip. I say ‘summer’ loosely as it pretty much rained all week. We stayed at a Yurt site on the edge of Wales with some spectacular scenery and some great sights. In spite of the weather the children loved it.

Lots of lovely memories, these are just some of the highlights.

Picture the scene, we are in the middle if a field in between a valley. Mrs E’s cry of despair when she discovered that the dishwasher might be broken, “But, how are we going to wash our dishes now?!?”

Master Crayons finding the puddles in Raglan Castle more interesting than the ruins itself.

Wasp sting on back of leg, 10pm, the last night on site. Nice. Just don’t ask where little Master E got stung 🙁

Mister C making enough cooked breakfast to feed an army.

The children enjoying their tour of Welsh castle gift shops and tacky gifts.

The Tintern Abbey ruined grounds made a great venue for an impromptu game of hide and seek.

NC proving that you can survive on a basic diet of Waitrose New York cheesecake all week.

AC getting so ‘tipsy’ that she managed to lose a contact lens when getting into bed.

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