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It is going to be Women’s Enterprise Day on the 18th November. I love the fact that there is a whole day dedicated to women in business. I for one shall be celebrating all day by eating cake and quoffing copious amounts of…juice.

This day also coincides with the launch of the new website Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous.


Be Passionate, Dream Big, Love the Unusual, Celebrate the Individual and Never settle for the ordinary

The site will be showcasing and representing UK designers and makers. If ‘marketing and promoting’ your work is not your thing, then this offers the perfect solution. It has been founded by two dynamic women and I am really looking forward to seeing it grow and become a huge success it deserves to be.

If you are a designer or maker and would like to register for the site, they are currently offering a very special registration offer. Follow the official GWAG_UK Twitter account to find out more.

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