Wedding monogram logo design

I was recently contacted by a journalist asking for samples of my wedding monogram design work for publication in a wedding magazine next year.

I whipped up some samples to her specification and printed off some labels, which worked particularly well. Fingers crossed that they get a feature in the magazine in the next year.

I really enjoy working on monograms, they are like mini-logos but without the seriousness. They are an expression of the happy couple’s personality and style. I still design with the view that the monogram should work in all context of the wedding stationery as well as any digital media, but it’s a much more relaxed process.

Time allowing, I would like to explore this product more in the new year. I think there are more and more ‘design’ conscience couples out there and they look to adding their own personal stamp on their big day.

Apparently, next season’s wedding palette is going to be purples, teals and monochrome. Lovely!

My monograms can currently be ordered exclusively on Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous for a very modest fee of £35.

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