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Twitter #SBS web badges

I was lucky to have been chosen for a #SBS (Small Business Sunday) re-tweet by Theo Paphitis (BBC Dragon – Dragon’s Den) on 23 January 2011. It has brought me lots of new opportunities and lots of lovely new followers and associates on twitter.

Since then there have been new members to the SBS club each week and I have been fortunate enough to have produced some website badges for some of them to help promote their ‘win’. Below are some examples of the SBS badges.

If you would like one it only costs a mere £10 and all proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity, so far the following amounts have been donated to the following charities:

March/April 2011 – British Red Cross Japan Appeal – £71.25
April/May/June – Christchurch Earthquake Appeal : New Zealand Government – £90.00
June/July 2011 – New Life Charity – £80.00
August 2011 – Retail Trust – £135.00
Sept/Nov 2011 – Children in Need – £130
Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 – Cystic Fibrosis Trust – £50
To Date – Collecting for

Artwork is as a transparent .PNG and can colours can be branded and tailored to your company colours.

Here is a selection of some newly updated badges for my lovely clients incorporating the new ‘official’ SBS logo but keeping the Crayon/Client’s distinctive branding.

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would love a badge as per (easthaughhouse) colours can i pay via paypal?
glad its going to NZ earthquake as my brother was standing out side the church tower when it happen and was evacuated by the NZ air force back to north island and then back to the UK, what a near miss thank God.
many thanks

Hi Tia. I won #sbs last Sunday, 21/08/11. I’d like two winners logistics for my website. One for the home page and one for the business language pages (blue pages). Can you let me know if you can do these and how do I pay?


Berdale Centres

Following our twitter conversation I’d like proceed with ordering the following #SBS badge;
The yellow/gold colour background with dark brown text and a dark brown paw print as the symbol (please see my logo).
Hoping all the above is fine with you. Looking forward to seeing the finished design.
Many thanks.

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