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Too much thinking required

I need some help. I can’t decide on a colour. Banner is going to be 5ft x 3ft and needs to stand out, not too Christmasy (as I am reusing it for other shows). This is what happens when I have too much freedom and there is no client to reign me back.

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Definitely the bottom one for me, but then you can never go wrong with that shade of blue and red in my eyes 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and yes, Pomona is right – it’s good to know we aren’t muttering in a corner by ourselves!

I like the lighter blue at the bottom – I think red works really well with that blue, but that is not to say the other ones are not OK! It’s just that you are pushing me into being decisive – I like them all really!

Pomona x

Thank goodness Pomona came in to save the day. I was worried it was going into deadlock. I have to admit that the last (teal) one is my fav, but I have been using that colour for nearly everything recently and was worried I might be getting teal-fatigue.

Well, I’m usually a »blue« person, and the top one is really beautiful. BUT, nevertheless, I think the orange one is the best, warm, welcoming and more in the »handmade category« – in a good way. I think the colour is more eye catching as well…

My husband, who’s an graphic designer, agrees with me 🙂

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