Tiaras and sherpas

Christmas has come to the Crayons household yesterday. We went on our annual trip to Santa’s Grotto (aka garden centre) with our good friends and their children.

As usual it was a freezing day, but we planned it well this year as we didn’t have to wait 1+ hours in the queue. As it was still very early in the season we went straight onto the train ride (three times around an indoor track) and then straight into see Santa complete with pixie helpers.

A very well organised Grotto, for our ticket we got a baby Christmas tree, age appropriate present and train ride (the ride being the most fun apparently). The train ride staggered the Santa visits which was housed in 4 wooden cabins at the end of an indoor winter wonderland display.


‘Miss Crayons’ had been thinking about what she wanted to ask Santa and in the end instead of opting for the pink pony she requested a jewellery box in pink naturally. Imagine my relief, Santa’s little elf would have really struggled to make a pink pony no matter how much duck tape and tissue paper she used.


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