Thinking outside of the card

I was asked by the very sweet Sara Webster (@kittyeden, a stitching wizard and a badge queen) to print some product cards to mount her badges with.

I was inspired by the red spotty background on her website as part of the design. I also wanted it to adaptable so that it could double up as note cards or gift tags (imagine hole punched at top and a lovely red ribbon) and not just a badge card.

We decided on an A7 sized card (even though she wanted square at first) as it allowed for badges up to 58mm and gave us room to put the website information on it. I designed a white space that could be used as a mount area for the cards as well as a writing area. We also opted for a 300gsm card stock, which is thick but not too thick and a matt art card so that she could hand write onto for that personal touch.

I am really pleased with the results. Below is a sneaky peeky preview of the package which should be winging it’s way to Derbyshire as we speak.

This product is available in the Printed Stationery section, if you are interested in ordering some made to your own specific design.

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