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Do you ever start one task and get completely distracted and end up doing something completely different? I never thought I suffered from that malaise until today.

I have decided that I am only going to buy handmade and homemade presents for friends and family from now on (good karma and all that). So this morning I was searching for a suitable gift for a first birthday present. How is it then that I end up in email conversation with a designer about commissioning a handbag for me?!?

I just hope that I am a good ‘client’, although my requirements list did read a bit like a romance novel (to bags). Sigh.

Don’t despair, I have some funky ideas for the baby’s birthday present, so it wasn’t a wasted day and all about me me me.

[Update: I have created a Handmade Pledge group on Facebook, be sure to sign up to it if you have an account.]
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