Stuffed bear

My daughther has a cotton ‘flower blankie’ which she is attached to and has to cuddle in bed before going to sleep. I brought it years ago from the Molly n’ Jack range and it has pretty flowers and spots.

The other day we were going through her old clothes and I came across a matching baby grow which was part of the same range. It seemed a shame to give it away or throw it out so I thought I would attempt making a bear out of the material.

Please be kind. Some of the stitching is shocking in places and it’s slightly wobbly in others, but as a prototype it’s not too bad an attempt. ‘Miss Crayons’ loves it and now I have to make another for ‘Master Crayons’…

Miss Flower the sock bunny snuggly as a bug. She is recuperating after a stuffing incident and had to have emergency life threatening corrective surgery. Just don’t tell the sock bunny Mummy, we don’t want a visit from sock bunny Social Services!

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