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Your logo is the first impression that you make on the public. It is the face of your business. Just as your own face can express your personality and provide insight into your unique characteristics, so can a well designed logo.

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Your logo is the most prominent visual element that lives as the identity of your brand.

There can be many elements that contribute to the success of your company and business. Having a good product that appeals to the consumer, offering exceptional customer service and listening to what your customer wants. But one of the number one contributors to a successful brand, on a daily basis, is your logo.

You may just have a few seconds to express your business attributes, therefore a professionally designed and thought out logo shows that you are sincere about offering a high quality product and service and with it your commitment to offer your services for many years to come.

Some branding and logo designs.

A logo and branding design package provides clients with a fully comprehensive series of artwork files, in print ready and digital format and reference style guide which will assist with the growth of the business.

How it works
Client provides a full brief with requirements including information on audience, style and preferred colour scheme.
Establish project schedule, file formats for delivery, identity assets and other practical requirements.
Research and explore brand sector and market based on client brief.
Present initial concept designs to clients.
Revise and re-work concepts.
Client chooses a design and signs off on the artwork.
Prepare an brand identity toolkit system to cover the visual language around the logo — this can include flexible elements that will help to design marketing and business collateral materials such as stationery, templates, and packaging.
Prepare and supply the logo in vector and output in print and digital formats.
Supply Mini Style Guide or Full Branding Toolkit to client.
Prepare and supply the following artwork files:
.EPS vector file.
.JPEG high resolution (300dpi) CMYK files.
.JPEG low resolution (72dpi) RGB files.
.PNG low resolution (72dpi) Transparent RGB files.
Comprehensive Style Guide

The brand identity toolkit and style guidelines contain and prescribe the logo usage rules, typeface system, colour palette, layout guidelines, and use of assets. It is ensures a that a cohesive message is maintained when others are creating design collateral and marketing materials going forward.

Logo artwork sizing and variations.
Colour palette in Pantone, Process CMYK, RGB, and HEX values.
Logo usage reference and guidelines.
Recommended corporate fonts.
Display the guidelines for the visual language around the logo, including marketing assets.
Logo Re-draw

Re-draw an existing logo into vector artwork.

Logo Refresh

Re-work or refresh an existing logo.

Logo, Identity & Branding

New logo, identity and branding.

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