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Following my previous post about the new Ruby Wren logo, I am delighted to announce the brand new Ruby Wren Designs website and blog!

Hayley asked me to design and set up an ecommerce solution for her very stylish and unique range of eco greeting cards and stationery made from elephant poo. She also wanted a blog that was easy to use (I just love love love WP) and integrated into the shop side.

I have to say I am really pleased with how it has turned out. It certainly is one of the prettiest sites I have designed. It helped that Hayley was a very accommodating client (i.e. she went along with all my ideas). All my clients are lovely, beautiful people, but I am especially fond of those who don’t answer back…too often.

Hayely is going to be running special promotions during the first week in January, so be sure to visit Ruby Wren Designs each day and follow her blog for lots of other offers throughout the year!

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