Round stickers galore!

The very lovely (and super talented) photographer Vicki Knight ordered some round labels from me. She wanted to use three design elements from her logo (which is a great little logo).

After a bit of faffing from my part, we settled on a 19mm for her ‘K’ and the new 25mm super dooper, and rather funky if I say so myself, gloss transparent stickers for her ‘flower’ motif and the 29mm for the logo.

I am delighted with the results, they look really good and hopefully this order should last her quite a while!

You can order the new gloss transparent stickers from my Printed Stationery shop as well as the new 19mm and a lovely big 40mm for those of you who have lots to say on a round label.

  • SKT White 8
  • SKT White 7
  • SKT White 6
  • SKT White 5
  • SKT White 4
  • SKT White 3
  • SKT White 2
  • SKT White 1

One Response to “Round stickers galore!

  • hi i am trying to get a price on a product what i need is a clear rectangular sticker with the word lollipops photography in silver or gold joint up writing is it possible you could send me a sample to my email address also im not to sure if i would like a little lolly pop at the end i need this to be aroun 2 inches long thank you for your time angie

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