Radio silence

It’s been a bit quiet here at Crayons central due to a combination factors. Mainly to do with workload, playgroup commitments etc. so blogging as taken a back seat.

Quite a lot has happened this summer, the most exciting of which is that we have a veggie garden and the little Crayons have been enjoying the fruits of our labour. The most successful has been the sweet peas, although it has been hard explaining to a two year old that we should leave the peas as they are not quite ready yet. The parsley and mint has also taken a bit of a battering, at first I thought it was the slugs nibbling away at the leaves until I caught the guilty culprits in mid-picking mode. A quick look at their cheeky smiles confirmed that this activity had been going on for quite some time.

‘Miss Crayons’ is currently going through her transition from playgroup to big school. She is really ready for it, in fact she has probably been ready for the last year. I am bracing myself for the cycle of school term dates and holidays and planning any breaks well in advance.

I hope that all my blog friends are well and have been enjoying the summer. I promise to start back on the blog trail soon and will be visiting your blogs and catching up soon!

I shall finish this post with some shots of cakes which were taken at the last Crowland Show. Playgroup raised some much needed funds and we all had a wonderful time – even the weather was kind to us this year.

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