Quiet on the western front

I have been neglecting my blog and more importantly reading my blog roll, to the point that my google reader is having kittens at the amount of unread posts that is awaiting my attention.

The reason is a good one, I have been busy working on a couple of branding projects and even had a trip into the big smoke the other day for a client meeting. Alongside that, I have also been beavering away at a new idea for a business venture designing wedding monogram identities, stationery and websites – all rolled into one lovely package.

I have been inspired after visiting some wedding shows and seeing what is on offer for prospective bride and grooms and thinking , ‘hey, I could do that’. The proof will be in the pudding, or is it eating? I can never remember the saying, I just know it is something dessert related – the best kind.

Anyway, here is a little sneaky peeky at my stationery set, it is an invitation-come-pouch-holder, still has to past the ‘good taste test’ with my usual focus group before it can be unleashed on the unsuspecting public…


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