Questionable combination

I love google. It is the smörgåsbord of all knowledge*. There isn’t much you can’t find out about, throw in a bit of youtube and well, frankly you have yourself a party! I have been thinking about decorating and icing fairy cakes (or cupcakes to the rest of the world) and so I refered to google and then did double research in the form of good old youtube. Watched a few video clips of how to ice flowers and shapes using buttercream, and thought how hard can that be? The answer – hard!

Through sheer stubborness I did manage to salvage a few specimens which didn’t look too deformed.


*N.B. I have banned ‘Mr. Crayons’ from using it as a tool for self-diagnosis of any health related matters. The last time he had a shoulder pain, after doing a google, he came to the conclusion he had brain cancer.

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