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Promote at every possible opportunity

I have recently been obbessed with stationery, decorative papers and packaging, so much so that my friends are probably a little sick of hearing me harp on and on about using the back of business cards to promote. It doesn’t help that a little gift wrapping boutique has opened 100 yards down the road from me (more about that another time).

I have been working on business card designs for a couple of clients and I do like the idea of Moo cards because they give you the opportunity to use up to 50 different images on the back of your cards. But, that comes at a cost. I think we worked it out to around 31ish pence per card for their standard 50 cards. For that sort of money I would only be giving them to family and friends!

So here I am harping on about the different ideas you could do yourself for the back, not just limited to printed images, you could create little artwork or illustrations, use beautiful papers with textures or even use photographs. I gave a client one of my cards yesterday which I had decorated with some textured raised suede effect papers and it made him stop and ask me about it.

Anyway, photography friend turns around and tells me “hmmm, I am not convinced.”

Sometimes actions speak louder than words (or nagging aka ‘life coaching’)…


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I made a brochure to give out instead of business cards. I got so many printed that they work out relatively inexpensive per copy – not as cheap as a Moo card, but I like the fact it shows a whole range from my portfolio. Quite a big initial investment though!

Hey Rosie, a brochure sounds like a great idea, what size is it and how practical is it to cart around? It must have been a real task for you to pick the best ones to use seeing as you have so many fabulous ones to choose from.

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