Poster printing BIG style

I am ordering some sample popart prints for the Artisans show and I uploaded artwork at 3:16pm expecting it to take 2/3 days to arrive. The next day the postie knocks on the door and lo-and-behold my poster print has arrived!


It’s a fabulous big 20×20 inch print and I have used retro style colours (popart retro?!?) and I think it really works. I am tempted to order a 40×40 inch just to see how it would look but we really have run out of wall space!

‘Mr. Crayons’ was very impressed with the quality of the print (which is saying much as he is a real photography perfectionist). Normally inkjets can be a bit dodgy, but this was clean and sharp. Now we just have to build a new wall to dispay it…

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