Portrait – four year old style

I am in the process of helping organise a Mother’s day fundraiser event for Playgroup.

We have lots of exciting things planned: family photography portraits by Tempest lady, afternoon fashion shows with Reba an independent fashion boutique and Edinburgh Woollen Mill (talk about catering for all tastes!), and an indulgence evening with shopping and gifts and jewellery.

The most exciting part of the day has got to be a children’s colouring in competition in the morning period.

I have designed and printed out some ‘My Mummy’ templates which the kiddies can colour in. We are going to have age categories and prizes for each category.

I asked ‘Miss Crayons’ to do me a dummy draft so that we can hang some “here’s what we did earlier” up on the day. This is her first attempt.

Please note the lollipop and add-on heels. Frankly, it’s like looking into a mirror.

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