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I recently had my first sale on Folksy and so I decided to balance that out with my first ever purchase.

I was pretty much spoilt for choice, but I saw on theothermousie blog that she was having a mini sale of sock bunnies and they were too good to resist. So I didn’t.

I am delighted to report that they arrived at their new home this morning all safely packaged and beautifully wrapped. Needless to say ‘Miss Crayons’ was delighted with her sock bunny, now named Miss Flower, carrot and bonus grass snack!

We were on our way out to the park for some swinging action when the postman delivered them, so ‘Miss Crayons’ insisted on taking Miss Flower with her to the park. I am just glad that they are suited and both enjoyed 15 mins of non-stop (vomit inducing) swinging action.


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