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Recently I have been working very internationally, Texas U.S.A no less! My client there is lovely Leslie Ann who owns an amazing little online boutique selling miniture perfumes around the world. LA contacted me through twitter and asked if I could help with reworking her logo.

The brief was to remain very true to the existing design, but give it an overall refresh and update. The original design was not truly circular so we made that simple change. We kept the core colours of pink, white and black. I wasn’t keen on the original font and slightly lop-sided alignment so suggested some new fonts which were similar in style. I also created new illustrations of the bottles and removed and added some new features.

Overall, I think we have really managed to retain the style but make it more streamline and elegant and of course we all know why it’s so important to have a vector version of your logo!

Previous MPS logo
New updated MPS logo

Following on from the logo work it made sense to adapt the website header to match with the new logo. It was a fun task as we literally turned into budding architects and structual engineers in terms of removing windows and adding new boardings (all digitally). Below is the before and after. I am really pleased at how it’s all worked out and I think LA is pleased too with her ‘refreshed’ site also.

The previous header with it's broken and disjointed sections
The new header with new MPS shop and branding, even on the little handbag

Please do visit to find out more about these wonderful little fragrances.

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