I have a very talented friend. She is a designer and programmer by day and by candlelight she creates the most amazing artwork (I am not at all jealous!).

It’s hard to describe the Littlerobot collection, it’s a mixture of paintings, drawings, sketches and handcrafted toys that have a surreal, ethereal and fantasy theme. The paintings feature mystical animals, flauna and rich luxurious dark colours.

The detailing is just mindblowing, you can see individual hairs on the animals!

She also creates amazing toys and puppet theatres (not for little ones) which are handcrafted and made in her studio at home. Clearly there is no limit to this woman’s talents. I can just about hammer a nail into a piece of wood.

You can find littlerobot on esty where you can purchase prints and capture a little piece of fantasy for yourself.

Lindsay works and lives in the middle of nowhere, just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

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