I’ve been ‘it’ed

Well, I have been tagged by the lovely MummyMad at TheMadHouse , this remarkable lady is a uber-busy mum who continues to inspire me and many others with her MadProjects and general creativity.

This tag requires that I list 10 of my favorite things that are free. Seriously, not sure I am ready to turn my brain on a such short notice, but here goes:

1. Sunday morning lie-ins. Mister Crayons takes over sprog-manning duties (yay!)
2. Cake (any type) at chez PinkMilk.
3. Sleepy snuggles from Master Crayons just before nap-times.
4. Late night chatting online to slugsandsnails when we should both be in bed and complaining about lack of sleep.
5. A hot cuppa on a cold day.
6. Snuggling up on sofa to watch trashy telly with Mister Crayons.
7. Conversations with Miss Crayons about life, the universe and everything.
8. Singing along to A-Ha’s Take on Me on youtube with backing vocals by mini crayons.
9. Seeing the collection of Miss Crayon’s artwork stuck to every wall surface in Mister Crayon’s office.
10. Cake.

Point 10 is not strictly free and is a repeat of 2, but I can’t not have cake on my list.

Passing this on to:
Pomona – lovely clever lady with an amazing way with words.
Slugsandsnails – super creative mum and teacher.
RubyWren – my fav Elliepoo girl (actually only elliepoo girl I know).
Veribagent – one of my best friends, even though I haven’t seen her for 8 years! (Hint-hint-nag-nag). There is no expiry date on friendship when you have the shared experience of coconut juice together.

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