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When I heard that illustrator and designer Kiran of Inkling Prints was going to venture into the world of fabric printing I got rather excited. I have always admired Kiran’s work and her designs are always very stylish and original and knew that they would translate well into fabric.

I wasn’t disappointed the other day when she showcased her first printed scarf on facebook. I love the mustard/gold colour and having just purchased some shoes in the same shade (fate, surely), I brought the scarf. Must have been one of the quickest sales on FB I know of.

When it arrived it was beautifully wrapped and presented (nice round sticker K!) with important care instructions. I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the scarf, was probably expecting heavier in a pashmina/wool type material for some reason, but this weight is prefect for this time of year.

What can I say apart from, it’s great, please go an order for yourself. You can choose from various colours and there might even be a silk version in the pipeline. I had better get back to work if I am going to buy some more goodies!

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