In the headteacher’s office

I went to view our local primary school today as we have to enroll ‘Miss Crayons’ into big school 2010. ‘Mr. Crayons’ came with me to see what the school was like.

Considering we live in a tiny little village (officially a town) the school was surprisingly modern and well kitted out – each classroom had an interactve wipeboard and even the Foundation (infants in old money) classes had computers. Granted I haven’t stepped into a primary school enviroment for the last 25+ years, but I it was a pleasant surprise. I think a lot of it is driven by the headteacher and staff and the we found our headteacher to be very friendly and passionate about his school. Always a good sign.

The highlight was when we walked into a new refurbished section which he was proudly showing off along with the children’s artwork on the wall, a well produced Monet rip off. The artist in me didn’t know whether I should be horrified that they are teaching children how to counterfit works from the masters or glad that they are encouraging such creative talents. I like to think the latter.

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