I love a bargain

We have the most amazing charity shop in our little village (officially a town, but it’s so small I can’t think of it as a town). They always have new stock and of the most amazing variety. They do so well with donations that they also have a warehouse that is crammed full of furniture, some great and some not so great.

It is run by volunteers and the ladies always have a smile ready when you go in.

I went in the other day in search of some display ideas for the preview event and came out with half a china shop (Mrs Vintage Tea Sets would be so proud of me). My best bargain, a beautiful tea cup, saucer and side plate in immaculate condition for the grand old sum of 75p. Mr. Crayons, who is not known for his liking of anything froo-froo/chintzy even had to admit that I had done pretty well. Between you and me, I suspect he was mostly impressed with the price.

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