How to make Vietnamese spring rolls

A family recipe handed down from my Mum who was born and lived in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s a lot of preparation, but I promise, once you try these, no other spring rolls will come close.

With help from Miss Crayons with all the instagram-y bits.

Vietnamese spring rolls, made the way my Mum taught me.
Recipe makes around 30-35 rolls. Don't forget the veg cooking oil!
Soak and then cut glass noodles into small inch sections (use scissors).
Add the salt and pepper and fungus to cook with the pork and onions in step 2.
Add about two tablespoons of fish sauce.
This size would make around 30-35 spring rolls.
Wraps can be purchased from Asian supermarket or large supermarkets in freezer section.
Pastry wrap gives a crunchier roll, traditional rice paper is chewier and harder to work with.
Deep fry for 5-8 minutes until golden. Serve with rice noodles, fresh green crunchy salad with fresh mint and coriander.
Correction: 1/4 ml of cold water. Sweet and tangy sauce to be drizzled all over the dish.
Flower carrots garnish to go into the sauce. The way my Mum made them.
This is the SECRET ingredient. This is what gives our spring rolls a sweet flavour.
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