Gremlins and gitches

Last night I had to transfer some of my websites from my current webserver to a new one as a precaution. The whole exercise was painful as I have quite a few sites to manage. The ordeal made me realise how much we rely on technology and how little we plan for when things go wrong with the technology.

‘Mr. Crayons’ is a server specialist, and is always drilling into me about making sure I have adequate backups of my work. I now make it a habit of running a backup on my computer before going to bed, but I can’t remember the last time I ran a backup of my websites or blogs!

I recently had a client contact me asking if I had a copy of the site I designed for him because his hosting company had pulled the plug on his account and may have deleted all his sites! Needless to say he was in a bit of a panic about the whole situation.

I always assume that my Hosting provider will have backups of my sites too, but yesterday has proven that you can never have too many backups or copies. So, if you are reading this and can’t remember the last time you ran a backup of your work on your computer, website or blog posts, I urge you to do so now!

It’s amazing the stuff we store about ourselves and our work, photos, articles and the thought of losing all that is just not worth contemplating.

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