Grammar obsessed posters

As promised recently I have now produced my grammar postcards in large format A3 posters.

These would make perfect gifts for friends, family members, teachers or anyone who appreciates the humor in grammar (or someone who is slightly obsessed with grammar, and needs to get out more).

If you’re anything like me, once you see the wrong use of your/you’re it will be almost impossible to see anything else.

“Help! I can’t seem to stop correcting other people’s grammar. *Sobs*
Awww, there, they’re, their.”

There They're Their

“The difference between knowing your shit & you’re shit.”

The Difference

“Let’s eat Grandma!
Punctuation saves lives.
Let’s eat, Grandma!
Think of the Grandmas.”

Let's eat Grandma

What’s your favourite twitch inducing error? Posters can be purchased in the shop.

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