Glittery invitations

When I first started out with the idea for Made by Artisans back in July, the 21st November seemed like such a long long way away. Well it’s only a few weeks away now and things are starting to speed up.

My first official outing with the MBA hat on will be at a media preview event that is being hosted at Diva Wrappings. I will be inviting a selection of hand picked press, tv and radio contacts to the event with the view of showing them some of the work of the exhibitors who will be at the show in November so that they can spread the word and we have lots of visitors and sales as a result.

I enlisted the help of the very talented slugsandsnails to design and make some holders which the invitations would be presented in. She didn’t disappoint. They arrived the other day, all prepped and ready to go. She even matched the ribbon (cut to required length) and tags (which are all original paintings) to the papers she used.

There is a holder which will contain an invitation along with a press release explaining what it is all about.

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