Funky plastic business and product cards

I am very excited to present this product to my printed stationery services.

A newly developed product which is rather special. I am sure you have seen and heard of plastic business cards before, but they have always been rather cost prohibitive. Not anymore! Using a special technique this product offers excellent quality for a fraction of the price.

I think you will agree that they look very funky and would make excellent business cards, or product cards (for your designer/makers) and even gift tags, multiple uses!

Any design printed in black only. Please note, the quality of the print is well above 2000dpi, I have blurred the sample for the purposes of client privacy. The final colour of the card is an off-white matt transparent, weight equivalent to 380/400gsm card stock. Nice and luxuriously thick.

  • SKT White 8
  • SKT White 7
  • SKT White 6
  • SKT White 5
  • SKT White 4
  • SKT White 3
  • SKT White 2
  • SKT White 1

More details on specifications and how to order can be found at the Printed Stationery section.

2 Responses to “Funky plastic business and product cards

  • Gosh! I will have to order some of these as well, and some labels! Oh oh! I didn’t realise when I bought my card ones from you, but no matter, I can have 2 types 😉

  • They are brand new, hot off the presses as it were so you are forgiven for not knowing 🙂

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