First day at school

Like so many other children, Miss Crayons had her first day at school this morning, actually it was only a half day, but it was still very exciting.

We had prepared the uniform so it was all ready for her in the morning. I was not that surprised to see that she was up and dressed before I had even rolled out of bed.

We had breakfast, prepared the water bottle, did the hair bunches as requested, packed the bag and were all ready to get round the corner for the 08:45am start.

I was lovely to see all the other little people in their sparkling new uniforms and expectant smiling faces. Lots of friends from playgroup and new faces too.

Bag hung up, water bottle on table, Miss Crayons choose drawing as her first activity. We kissed her goodbye and left her to it. I think we were more emotional about the whole thing than she was.

Today was the start of a new chapter in her life and also for us. It really does seem like only the other day she was born and we brought her home wrapped up in a blanket her Grandma had knitted for her and today my baby starts big school!

You can read another Mum’s excellent post (more eloquent than mine) right here, I suspect it pretty much sums up what lots of mum’s are feeling today.

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