Everyone loves a Superhero

Well, at least I know that lovely Mummy blogger Jen from Mum in the Madhouse loves her Superhero, he also happens to be MadDad, her husband.

Jen saw my Batman insipired ‘Kapow’ card a while back and asked me to come up with a design for MadDad. Her detailed spec involved him being her ‘Superhero’ and that was it.

I had an idea for a retro style font and some super powered stars. I hope MadDad likes it!

Following a quick tweet, @sewjustinesew has asked me to create a similar design for her Superhero. I am rather excited, I think I am going to experiment with colour – watch this space!

**Update – 3 Feb 2011**
Colour Superhero version can now be seen in my ‘Hommage to Handmade’ section.

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