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I am often asked to create concept designs for company websites. This normally involves designing the homepage and a series of content pages as concepts which I then handover to the client and they take it away to build themselves in-house. I often find it hard to handover the concepts because I always worry about how the design will change when it is out of my control (control issues I know…).

I worked on concepts for a consultancy called Dialogue by Design months and months ago and had completely forgotten about it until I got an email from another client today telling me how great the site looked now it was live!

Normally you don’t get any control over the final result when the design is taken out of your hands. But, I just checked it out and think they have done an excellent job. The brief was to create something simple, elegant and light. The image in the banners are all different depending on what page you are on, adding a little bit of interest, a rotating banner effect without the annoying rotating banner bit.


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