Craft fairs – hit and miss

I went to a craft fair today at the garden centre. It was marketed as a handmade only fair and I had high expectations, so much so that I went armed with some cash.

There was a selection of goods for sale and the majority was of homemade cards, jewellery (loose term), painted glass and wooden painted toys. Sadly I was not impressed with what was on offer and I was very disappointed in the quality of the goods on sale. A case of grannies sitting behind the tables with some decoupage cards, knitting. I have nothing against grannies, decoupage or knitting, just not all in the same context.

There is a place for these sorts of local home-grown events, but it makes it all that much harder to convince the public that handcrafted does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on design, quality and workmanship, when this is the sort of event people are presented with and come to expect.

Am I being too harsh?

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