Christmas stationery giveaway

I am giving away a matching set of five christmas cards and five gift tags. The set has been digitally designed and produced by me and will probably be a limited edition (as I won’t have time to make many more of these – children, artisans fair, cake eating etc. all seem to get in the way – bah-humbug).

The cards are made of very pretty pearlised thick card with matching envelopes and the gift tags mounted on thick card with raffia ties.

To enter, just tell me what epitomises Christmas for you and feel free to spread the word by linking back to the giveaway on your own blog.

For me, Christmas is about food (surprise surprise) and logistics. It’s worrying about how many are coming for dinner and did I order a big enough bird. It’s also about watching my children tear into the wrapping paper and sometimes prefering the paper to what’s actually inside.

Closing date 18th September 09.

If you can’t wait and want some tags now now now, you can purchase a similar set from my folksy shop.

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