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Christmas stationery giveaway

I am giving away a matching set of five christmas cards and five gift tags. The set has been digitally designed and produced by me and will probably be a limited edition (as I won’t have time to make many more of these – children, artisans fair, cake eating etc. all seem to get in the way – bah-humbug).

The cards are made of very pretty pearlised thick card with matching envelopes and the gift tags mounted on thick card with raffia ties.

To enter, just tell me what epitomises Christmas for you and feel free to spread the word by linking back to the giveaway on your own blog.

For me, Christmas is about food (surprise surprise) and logistics. It’s worrying about how many are coming for dinner and did I order a big enough bird. It’s also about watching my children tear into the wrapping paper and sometimes prefering the paper to what’s actually inside.

Closing date 18th September 09.

If you can’t wait and want some tags now now now, you can purchase a similar set from my folksy shop.

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For me Christmas isn’t about buying and all of that horrid consumerfest – the most important things are family and friends and hospitality, and really only giving presents that are beautiful, useful or consumable, and that you can make or give with love.

And I do love your cards – a lovely idea for a giveaway!

Pomona x

For me Christmas is having grandchildren round and just watching them enjoy their presents, and having Christmas tree covered in decorations and as many family as possible

Christmas day is my mums birthday! Last year was the best christmas ever. Seeing my 3 year old daughter really discover it properly. Leaving food out for Father Christmas (although she thought he was called Farmer Christmas) and Roudolph, her face when she found a stocking at the end of her bed on christmas morning and seeing her in the nativity play made it very special. Its all about the children I think. x

As a small family we don’t usually end up with mountains of gifts. The gifts aren’t important, family is. Christmas for us is the smell of a new Christmas tree (ideally potted so it’ll last more than one year); decorating the tree a week before Christmas so it’s festive for husband’s birthday on 22nd, and for when his mother arrives; that feeling of never wanting to eat anything again – then eating christmas cake 30 minutes later! One present first thing in the morning (from a stocking of course) then waiting until after lunch to open your other pressies, in strict rotation with ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s as each is unwrapped. Watching films on TV that you’d never bother to watch any other time – and enjoying it. And on a lucky year, deep snow that you can watch and enjoy without the hassle of having to fight through it to get to work. Even my cats get Christmas stockings although like kids they’ve usually opened them before time (’tis the catnip that gets to them).

Christmas = smells – making candied orange peel, gingerbread, pate and ham simmering. Cinnamon and the Christmas tree. Oh, and candles, smell of candles at Christmas. And in Poland – the winter smell of snow (I am Polish, but live in the UK)

I am just loving reading all your comments. Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your Christmas thoughts. It’s lovely to hear that family is the most important thing and I agree that food and smells should come a close second…

Keep them coming!

I love watching Christmas films and Christmas baking. I make holly shaped iced biscuits for friends and family, and I help my little sis making her decadent soft sponge chocolate roll with tia maria cream. So yummy! xXx

Christmas for me is my mum’s cooked food. I live 2000 miles away from my parents, but I can’t even think of missing a Christmas dinner at my mums house 🙂 aww i’m getting teary and christmas-y, lol.

Very stylish cards and gift tags, really like them, for me Christmas is all about visiting friends and family, log fires, mulled cider and home made edible offerings. The last few years my friends and I have spent the run up to Christmas making gifts of yummy butters stuffed with chestnuts and sage, chutneys, cheese biscuits and sweet goodies to ease the pressure of each other when entertaining family before the big get together on boxing day where we all try each others infused vodkas! we make things to decorate one anothers tables, its Christmas from the heart that fills the belly as well. I can’t wait for christmas this year…..time to start planning what I’m making them…. 🙂

Christmas is all about giving presents. I’ve already started making lists! But food is high up there as well. Now that I live in England, Christmas cake is very important and made with my own secret recipe 😉

For me, Christmas is about finishing off. Finishing off the presents I make for people (I’m generally still weaving in loose wool ends on Christmas Eve, even if I start knitting presents in August!) Finishing off the last minute shopping and present wrapping. And finishing off that last bit of Christmas pudding, even though I know I’ll regret it in January!

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