Christmas stationery giveaway – winner

Thank you to all who took the time to leave a comment. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and you have all helped reaffirm to me what Christmas should all be about.

Pomona – for reminding us that it’s not about consumerfest but giving out of love.

Louise – for reminding me that it is about a time to think about families who are all scattered across the globe.

Brenda – for reminding us that Christmas is a joyous time for grandparents as well as grandchildren!

Sew Scrumptious – for ‘Farmer Christmas’!

Michelle – for reminding me that the buildup is sometimes even more exciting than the event itself.

Sue – for the gift of over-eating and present rotation.

Krysia – for reminding me that Christmas is also about wonderful smells and fabulous foods.

Steph – for reminding me that it is a time for faith and reflection.

Aleximo – for making my mouth water with the thoughts of ‘decadent soft sponge chocolate roll’.

legyviel – for being such a fabulous daughter and I hope ‘Miss Crayons’ follows suit in the years to come.

Vicky – for reminding me that being thoughtful towards others and working together is always so much better.

Louise – for reminding me, that maybe I should get organised and make a list instead of winging it each year.

It was a tough decision, so tough that I am going to have a runner up. The winner of the cards and tags go to Vicky. Vicky recently got married and had her photos taken by the lovely Rosie Parsons which she kindly shared with the world. What can I say? I am a sucker for weddings and a big old romantic to boot. So congratulations to Vicky on both counts.


The runner up prize of a set of smaller tags goes to Sue, because I love the idea of the cats getting their own stockings!


I made some tweaks to the cards since taking the picture, insomuch that I have made the corners rounded, I think they look more finished. Hope you ladies like them. Please get in touch with your addresses!

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