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This year I have volunteered to help raise some funds for our little village playgroup.

We have two Christmas markets on the same day and they are for two very different audiences. The first market is to be held in the historic Croyland Abbey, the second is at the town’s light switching ceremony (which is much fancier than it sounds because it’s probably going to involve a string of lights across the road).

Mrs Pink Milk has been roped into helping too. We have decided to try and make as much as we can ourselves to sell for a huge profit. We are going to attempt some soyawax teacup candles a la The Madhouse style, can’t say it will work, but we are prepared to give it a go. Other ideas for the Abbey fair include paper decorations, tealight jam-jar holders, cards and probably something involving glitter.

I am struggling to find ideas for the light switching ceremony. Think lots of children, cold, parents not wanting to spend too much. I can only think of food related items (surprise surprise), cakes, brownies, toffee apples….dentists look away!

Any other suggestions?

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