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28 Drawings Later: Day Seven

I cracked open the lovely set of rembrandt pastels my hubby brought me for my birthday 200 million years ago. It took an hour to do this study, because bed was calling me. Based on a painting I saw years ago, a titan haired woodland fairy angel.

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28 Drawings Later: Day Six

Just had an order for one of my ‘even geeks need love’ cards. Hand drawn, pen on card.

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28 Drawings Later: Day Five

Watercolours and pens on paper. Another of my many obsessions. Says it all really.

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28 Drawings Later: Day Four

Pen on card. My friend had his 40th dinner tonight, so this was made especially for him. Happy birthday Mister E. Thanks for all the snow!

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28 Drawings Later: Day Three

Pen on paper. A snapshot of what’s on my mind at this very moment (don’t ask).

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28 Drawings Later: Day Two

Pencil on paper (posh photocopy paper no less) – A.P. Monster. 30 minutes with small child trying to putty erase what I am doing. Have not sketched with pencil for many years – a real challenge! Please be kind.

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28 Drawings Later: Day One

I came across this challenge last month. The premise is simple. During February, draw, design, sketch, paint and create 28 pieces of artwork, a piece a day. I fell in love with the idea and the old fine art student in me is bursting to be unleashed.

I decided my first piece was going to be a typographic based artwork (possibily to go into the newly painted bathroom), I was going to do it digitally and then thought that it would look great as an acrylic piece.

Rather pleased with the result, the colours are lovely and vibrant and It only took me a couple of hours to do, in between everything else that needs doing. Maybe tomorrow I will attempt an old sckool pencil still life? Eek!

You can find out more about the 28 Drawings Later: February Drawing Challenge on the facebook page.

General Graphic Print Design Showcase Work in Progress

UK Designer/Maker Gift Guide Easter 2012

MBA Christmas Gift Guide 2011Last year I collaborated with some fabulous designer/maker friends and we produced a cracking Christmas Gift Guide. Due to budget and time-scales we were unable to get it printed in time for the holidays, but we did release the interactive online version (you will need flash enabled on your browsers to view – sorry iPad users).

We had such a positive response to the guide that I was asked if I would consider producing a new one for the new year. I would love to produce a new guide, but I need to make sure that I have enough designers signed up in order to make it viable project.

I put out a tweet asking for interest and was blown away by the level of interest it has generated. Thank you to everyone who responded. So, as promised here is my idea for the new guide. Please bear in mind that these details are in no way set in stone and may be subject to change.

Time frame

I would like to make this gift guide in time for Easter (weekend 6th April), which would mean starting work on this w/c 13th February 2012 with a delivery date of leaflets to Designers on w/c 5th March, allowing enough time for people to distribute accordingly. It’s a very tight time scale of three weeks, from initial design, proofing and printing so I would need massive organisation and co-operation from everyone involved.

The spec

1. Produce a 24 printed page A5 gift guide.
2. Showcase 11 Designers – varied disciplines (no duplicates of products).
3. Each Designer will get a double page spread. Each spread will contain 10-12 products from each Designer.
4. The entire 24 page guide will be produced as an interactive brochure (hosted on my website).
5. Each Designer will get delivered 250 x high quality printed leaflet versions of their individual double page spread laid out as an A5 double sided leaflet. The full brochure will not be printed in its entirety due to prohibitive costs and wanting to keep it affordable for each Designer. Although, this may still be an option if enough people tell me they want a full printed brochure, so never say never.

The cost

The cost for the design work, printing and delivery will be around the £135-150* per Designer (*actual costs TBC).

This is a purely design and print project, each Designer will have to make their own arrangements for distribution and marketing. This would suit individuals or businesses that already have a mailing list of clients they can send out or those who attend regular fairs and exhibitions to utilise as a method of distribution of the leaflets.

What I will need from each Designer:

1. Logo artwork.
2. 10-12 high resolution professional products photography.
3. Summary copy/blurb about your business and a profile photo 🙂

If you think this is something that would suit your business/products I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below or you can drop me an email via the contact form.

Thanks again for your interest and taking the time to read this.

Clients Digital Art Showcase

Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous

Deborah Meaden Twitter Special MentionThe other day the very lovely team at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous won a special mention from the equally lovely (with great shoe collection) BBC Dragon and hugely successful business woman Deborah Meaden.

Deborah is currently running a twitter campaign encouraging others to support British businesses by buying British this Christmas. I totally agree with this and whenever I can I always try to look for British based and if possible hand-crafted goods and products. I am lucky that I know so many fabulous designer makers, many of whom are on twitter.

I was asked by the GWAG team to design them a badge that they could use to promote their ‘special mention’. I have created a few for the ‘other’ Dragon Theo Paphitis for his ‘Small Business Sunday’ twitter winners, so it felt right to do this for Deborah’s campaign. As with all my badge work, all proceeds will be donated to charity. This month I have chosen the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Be sure to check out Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous for some lovely goodies.

Digital Art Showcase

Personalised Family Name Christmas Cards

Personalised Family Christmas Cards
Personalised Family Christmas Cards
I have designed a range of personalised family name christmas cards this year and just collected my samples from my friendly local printers and they look jolly spiffing even if I do say so myself!

Simple, but striking black illustrations, digitally printed on pure white 300gsm mondi card, 110mm squared final size, scored and folded.

I am looking forward to snail-mailing my family and friends, although, not just yet as it’s still only October. I suspect I’ll be able to enlist the help of a little elf to help me add come crayon colour action as well…

If you want to be organised too, you can order some from my online shop 🙂

Merry (nearly) Christmas!