Lucy Lunchbag Monsterette

It was ‘Miss Crayon’s’ birthday the other day. She turned a mighty four years old. It was hard to resist the temptation to buy mass produced as her wishlist read like a Disney show guide. In the end I opted for practical yet funky and commissioned a wonderful lunchbag made by Elissa at Head in the Clouds. Elissa managed to turn around two bags within a couple of days and they arrived safely all wrapped up and ready to go.

The finish is excellent and I love the little details like the button eye and little padded hands and feet. What a clever and talented lady!


Glittery invitations

When I first started out with the idea for Made by Artisans back in July, the 21st November seemed like such a long long way away. Well it’s only a few weeks away now and things are starting to speed up.

My first official outing with the MBA hat on will be at a media preview event that is being hosted at Diva Wrappings. I will be inviting a selection of hand picked press, tv and radio contacts to the event with the view of showing them some of the work of the exhibitors who will be at the show in November so that they can spread the word and we have lots of visitors and sales as a result.

I enlisted the help of the very talented slugsandsnails to design and make some holders which the invitations would be presented in. She didn’t disappoint. They arrived the other day, all prepped and ready to go. She even matched the ribbon (cut to required length) and tags (which are all original paintings) to the papers she used.

There is a holder which will contain an invitation along with a press release explaining what it is all about.

Brigantia Bag – Special Commission

Remember that handbag I commissioned the other week? Well it arrived today and it is just beautiful, great attention to detail and very well made.

My requirements were for something that was a cross between organiser bag and work bag with plenty of slip pockets inside and out for my paper samples and pantone swatch book (yes I do take that everywhere I go – sad) and would fit A4 landscape.

VoilĂ !

Notice the cute turquoise brooch? That was included as a thoughtful freebie. It’s not everyday you can say you have a bag designed just for you!

Thank you to Kim at Brigantia Designs.

Danish bear

I was up sewing and stuffing late last night, something I don’t recommend as needles and tiredness don’t make happy companions.

I found the perfect old baby grow to make into a bear for ‘Master Crayons’. It’s a funky green punk fish pattern and orange seam grow brought for him by a friend on her last trip to Denmark. You would struggle to find anything with such a cool pattern in the UK, don’t know why that is, or should be.

Anyway, I finished stuffing in the wee hours. This model is simplier than flower bear as I had enough fabric for all body parts so it was a simple case of cut around a template and stitch all the way around. I also added a small pocket made from the original arm piece for keeping spare change, snack bars and other bits and bobs.

Stuffed bear

My daughther has a cotton ‘flower blankie’ which she is attached to and has to cuddle in bed before going to sleep. I brought it years ago from the Molly n’ Jack range and it has pretty flowers and spots.

The other day we were going through her old clothes and I came across a matching baby grow which was part of the same range. It seemed a shame to give it away or throw it out so I thought I would attempt making a bear out of the material.

Please be kind. Some of the stitching is shocking in places and it’s slightly wobbly in others, but as a prototype it’s not too bad an attempt. ‘Miss Crayons’ loves it and now I have to make another for ‘Master Crayons’…

Miss Flower the sock bunny snuggly as a bug. She is recuperating after a stuffing incident and had to have emergency life threatening corrective surgery. Just don’t tell the sock bunny Mummy, we don’t want a visit from sock bunny Social Services!

Create my monsters

Inspired by my children, because they can be cute monsters too. The idea is that they can paint, colour, decorate, glitter, sprinkle and create their own monster artwork.

Hand-drawn with permanent marker onto white mount card, 6×4″.

Update: 18:21

Artwork by ‘Miss Crayons’. Well now,which side am I supposed to frame?

Not boring business card holders – Giveaway

I have been experiementing with paper and boxes again. This time using paint swatch cards to make business card holders. I think they work really well. The card is strong and takes to creasing well. I tried co-ordinating tops and bottoms, but ‘Mr. Crayons’ said that the contrasting colours work better. I might have to agree with him on this occassion!

I’m going to give away FREE samples. Just leave a comment, not forgetting to include your email address and I’ll contact you for a mailing address.

Instant gratification

I recently found some pretty scrapbooking paper I never got around to using which was just sitting idle. So I thought what can I do that is quick and easy and doesn’t require any additional resources?

Voila! Origami paper boxes. I am loving making these and can see potential in using all kinds of different paper, cards and materials. Have no idea what I would use them for, but they just look really pretty!

In case you were wondering, the oranges were put to good use too!