Everyone loves a Superhero

Well, at least I know that lovely Mummy blogger Jen from Mum in the Madhouse loves her Superhero, he also happens to be MadDad, her husband.

Jen saw my Batman insipired ‘Kapow’ card a while back and asked me to come up with a design for MadDad. Her detailed spec involved him being her ‘Superhero’ and that was it.

I had an idea for a retro style font and some super powered stars. I hope MadDad likes it!

Following a quick tweet, @sewjustinesew has asked me to create a similar design for her Superhero. I am rather excited, I think I am going to experiment with colour – watch this space!

**Update – 3 Feb 2011**
Colour Superhero version can now be seen in my ‘Hommage to Handmade’ section.

Not so secret ‘pie club’

I am a proud member of the ‘twitter pie club’, along with the lovely and talented illustrators and designers @muddleduck, @jennyariane, @catpalairet, @DeeAndrews.

We decided that it would be fun to create a badge for each other. We considered doing a ‘secret santa’ thing, but it got a bit complex and so in the end Jenny suggested doing it alphabetically. So I made a steak and ale badge for @catpalairet and the very yummy mummy @muddleduck made one for me. Pictures of all badges will be posted on our flickr group (yes we are taking this very seriously) once all the badges arrive at their destinations.

I love my badge and it pretty much captures my love of pie, all hand-sewn – how clever! Thank you very much Julia!

Inkling Prints labels and Button bears

You are getting two topics for the price of one in today’s post.

The very talented designer and illustrator Kiran (@InklingPrints) ordered some printed round labels the other day. I was really looking forward to seeing the artwork she was supplying as her work is just gorgeous. I wasn’t disappointed. There are some designs that just ‘work’ and this is definitely one of them. I have been allowed to show you a sneaky preview of the labels…nice heh?

I have a four year old birthday party to go to on Saturday and I always try and buy handmade when it comes to gifts. I recently commissioned a Holly Fairy and Ben Elf for the little Crayons from Amanda at Handmade by Button and thanks to the power of facebook and the birthday boy’s Mummy’s statuses, I knew what his favourite characters were. So, on Wednesday night I sent @giantbutton a message asking (aka pleading) to see if she could knock up a special commission. A couple of hours later, a homage to Brave Captain Barnacles was cut, sewn and finished! Now that’s what I call exceptional customer service.

Retro Valentine’s card

I was tweeting with Wendy (@1stUniqueGifts) last night and she was very complimentary about my Geek ‘inspired’ Valentine’s card designs. However, she ‘got’ them but didn’t think Mr. 1st uniqueGifts would ‘get’ them, he was more of a Batman fan apparently.

So, that got me thinking on ideas for a more retro style of Superhero based cards. This is my first ‘Kapow!’ card. I have an idea for a Superman and Spiderman as well, but that will have to wait until Monday when I am officially back at work!

Freestyle original hand-drawn with ink on card 127x127mm.

Buy Now – Free P&P

You Kapow Me

More cards can be seen in the ‘Homage to Handmade‘ page.

Different valentine’s day cards

I have been getting all creative and have designed a series of cards with romance in mind.

I have tried to keep it non-soppy and a little funky. They are all hand-drawn with ink onto card, freestyle. Completely original and limited. Currently on sale at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous website and my own shop. Free postage on all cards.

‘Mr. Crayons’ wants me to introduce a “Do you love me more than my avatar?” card. Even geeks need to send cards…

Floral heart

Be still my beating heart

Marry me?

More than…(cake)

Sweet enough

More cards can be seen in the ‘Homage to Handmade‘ page.


A bunch of monsters

I have quite a few children to buy gifts for and I wanted it to be of a handmade variety. Having very little sewing skills, opted for the safest option I contacted the lovely theothermousie and commissioned her to make me a selection of kitties, elves and sock bunnies.

She didn’t disappoint. They arrived within a week and have been dispatched all over the world and around the country to fill the stockings of my good friend’s children.

I hope they all like their monsters/kitties/elves.



St Nic Christmas Fair

Back in the summer it seemed like such a good idea to take part in the annual St. Nicholas fair at Crowland Abbey. Our intention was to raise huge amounts of money for our local community playgroup by making our own things to sell. Considering the committee members met on the Monday before the fair, I don’t think we did too badly.

In the end we managed to come up with folding (Danish) paper stars, teacup candles (inspired by MadMummy at The MadHouse), dough decorations, jam-jar tealight holders and create your own greeting cards. We also had a huge fishbowl of brussel sprouts for the ‘guess the number of brussels’ competition. Like marmite it was a love or hate thing for the visitors, but 9 out of 10 times people stopped to have a go.

Our teacup candles were the best seller of the day. It was a really enjoyable day, I got to spend it with friends and got to see what it was like on the other side of the table for a change! Needless to say we had the prettiest table.


Photography courtesy of Pink Milk Photography.


Gingham love

I am a big fan of gingham, just makes me think of happy summery thoughts for some reason. Probably something to do with picnics and summer living.

Anyway, the very clever Pennydog recently purchased some vintage style gingham ribbon which she was going to make into a bracelet.

Viola, one gingham bracelet and it’s mine! (Mwwaaaahaaah)…


Pennydog is offering a whooping 15% off all items on her online shop using code “pennytweeter”. What is even better is that if you can’t see the colour you want or a certain size, she’ll make it for you, that is what I call bespoke service. Go and have a look, you know you want to.

Artisan Show Nov 09 Pictures

It was worth the wait, Mrs Pink Milk just uploaded the photos for the show and they are just wonderful. I loved seeing all those lovely things and talented artisans and it makes me want to do it all again!

Some of my favourites:

Christine Pike, working at the wheel and making everyone marvel at her freestyle sculpture.

Birdhouses each with their own satalite dish or analogue aerial, mini birdhouse and stairs. So popular with the visitors that my friend brought one in the morning, then sent her hubby back in the afternoon for another two. They must be setting up an bird centre?

FiddlyFingerWork, fabulous colours and textures.

Hook and Scumble, a personal favourite with ‘Mr.Crayons’.

You can see more photos at Pink Milk Photography.

A day at the fair

Well, the Artisan fair has been and gone, and what a day!

I had lots of help, so firstly a huge thank you to Mrs Pink Milk and Wendy at Diva Wrappings for their help setting up Friday evening. It made a huge difference as the morning of the fair ran smoothly and there were no glitches for me in terms of getting the tables ready for all the exhibitors.

Mrs Pink Milk has taken lots of photos of the day as well as most of the lovely tables, so we have to be patient and wait for her to recover and post those (hint, hint).

I had such a fun day, I knew I would be in love with all the things there and I was so glad that other people, visitors and artisans alike, felt the same way. Goes to prove that quality does speak for itself.

My personal highlights for the day:

Slugs and Snails, Land Cuckoo and Cherry Trees girls spending most of the day wondering around in their socks.

Pennydog, recalling her journey adventure to Peterborough across country, literally.

Chilling out with MuranoSilver+Mum and watching a master ‘trader’ at work.

Sniffing chocolate soap. Yum.

Seeing Mr Crayons chatting to the artisans and being genuinely interested (and impressed) with their work.

Offering a flyer to a girl in the square and having her run away from me screaming was if I was offering her a dose of rabies.

Noticing the free stars on the ledge in the hallway disappear within a hour. Everyone loves a freebie.

Oh, in case you didn’t already know, the winner of the best dressed table went to Slugs and Snails, by 1 vote. She was delighted with the accolade and her prize which was a necklace from Hook and Scumble, which I knew she was a huge fan of already.

Would love to hear your highlights, so please leave a comment.

For those of you kind enough to ask if I will be making it a regular thing…well, I need to watch some x-factor and turn my brain off for a while. Watch this space though.