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Funky plastic business and product cards

I am very excited to present this product to my printed stationery services.

A newly developed product which is rather special. I am sure you have seen and heard of plastic business cards before, but they have always been rather cost prohibitive. Not anymore! Using a special technique this product offers excellent quality for a fraction of the price.

I think you will agree that they look very funky and would make excellent business cards, or product cards (for your designer/makers) and even gift tags, multiple uses!

Any design printed in black only. Please note, the quality of the print is well above 2000dpi, I have blurred the sample for the purposes of client privacy. The final colour of the card is an off-white matt transparent, weight equivalent to 380/400gsm card stock. Nice and luxuriously thick.

More details on specifications and how to order can be found at the Printed Stationery section.

Feature Handmade Showcase

Retro Valentine’s card

I was tweeting with Wendy (@1stUniqueGifts) last night and she was very complimentary about my Geek ‘inspired’ Valentine’s card designs. However, she ‘got’ them but didn’t think Mr. 1st uniqueGifts would ‘get’ them, he was more of a Batman fan apparently.

So, that got me thinking on ideas for a more retro style of Superhero based cards. This is my first ‘Kapow!’ card. I have an idea for a Superman and Spiderman as well, but that will have to wait until Monday when I am officially back at work!

Freestyle original hand-drawn with ink on card 127x127mm.

Buy Now – Free P&P

You Kapow Me

More cards can be seen in the ‘Homage to Handmade‘ page.

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Crowland Community Playgroup

Playgroup recently had a grand opening of their Lottery and Surestart funded outside area.

There is now a covered shaded play space, with planting, seating and a secret garden which the children can now enjoy regardless of the weather.

Local businesses and representatives were invited along with press from the two counties to the opening. There was a great turn out and the very lovely Kev and Abby from HeartFM were on hand to cut the ribbon.

The article from the ET can be found here.

Also featured in the Lincolnshire Free Press on 3 March 2010 – Page 13.

Preparations. Great idea to recreate the new logo on the giant outdoor chalkboard. Wait a minute, is that a typo?


What typo?

Above photography by

More pictures of the event also on the HeartFM website

Feature Handmade Showcase

A bunch of monsters

I have quite a few children to buy gifts for and I wanted it to be of a handmade variety. Having very little sewing skills, opted for the safest option I contacted the lovely theothermousie and commissioned her to make me a selection of kitties, elves and sock bunnies.

She didn’t disappoint. They arrived within a week and have been dispatched all over the world and around the country to fill the stockings of my good friend’s children.

I hope they all like their monsters/kitties/elves.


Feature Handmade Showcase

Gingham love

I am a big fan of gingham, just makes me think of happy summery thoughts for some reason. Probably something to do with picnics and summer living.

Anyway, the very clever Pennydog recently purchased some vintage style gingham ribbon which she was going to make into a bracelet.

Viola, one gingham bracelet and it’s mine! (Mwwaaaahaaah)…


Pennydog is offering a whooping 15% off all items on her online shop using code “pennytweeter”. What is even better is that if you can’t see the colour you want or a certain size, she’ll make it for you, that is what I call bespoke service. Go and have a look, you know you want to.

Feature Handmade Showcase

A day at the fair

Well, the Artisan fair has been and gone, and what a day!

I had lots of help, so firstly a huge thank you to Mrs Pink Milk and Wendy at Diva Wrappings for their help setting up Friday evening. It made a huge difference as the morning of the fair ran smoothly and there were no glitches for me in terms of getting the tables ready for all the exhibitors.

Mrs Pink Milk has taken lots of photos of the day as well as most of the lovely tables, so we have to be patient and wait for her to recover and post those (hint, hint).

I had such a fun day, I knew I would be in love with all the things there and I was so glad that other people, visitors and artisans alike, felt the same way. Goes to prove that quality does speak for itself.

My personal highlights for the day:

Slugs and Snails, Land Cuckoo and Cherry Trees girls spending most of the day wondering around in their socks.

Pennydog, recalling her journey adventure to Peterborough across country, literally.

Chilling out with MuranoSilver+Mum and watching a master ‘trader’ at work.

Sniffing chocolate soap. Yum.

Seeing Mr Crayons chatting to the artisans and being genuinely interested (and impressed) with their work.

Offering a flyer to a girl in the square and having her run away from me screaming was if I was offering her a dose of rabies.

Noticing the free stars on the ledge in the hallway disappear within a hour. Everyone loves a freebie.

Oh, in case you didn’t already know, the winner of the best dressed table went to Slugs and Snails, by 1 vote. She was delighted with the accolade and her prize which was a necklace from Hook and Scumble, which I knew she was a huge fan of already.

Would love to hear your highlights, so please leave a comment.

For those of you kind enough to ask if I will be making it a regular thing…well, I need to watch some x-factor and turn my brain off for a while. Watch this space though.


Woman power

It is going to be Women’s Enterprise Day on the 18th November. I love the fact that there is a whole day dedicated to women in business. I for one shall be celebrating all day by eating cake and quoffing copious amounts of…juice.

This day also coincides with the launch of the new website Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous.


Be Passionate, Dream Big, Love the Unusual, Celebrate the Individual and Never settle for the ordinary

The site will be showcasing and representing UK designers and makers. If ‘marketing and promoting’ your work is not your thing, then this offers the perfect solution. It has been founded by two dynamic women and I am really looking forward to seeing it grow and become a huge success it deserves to be.

If you are a designer or maker and would like to register for the site, they are currently offering a very special registration offer. Follow the official GWAG_UK Twitter account to find out more.

Feature Random Thoughts

Aspirations for your craft

Warning, this post may waffle at the start.

I recently had an interesting discussion with a creative friend on whether or not it would be possible to make a living from your craft. Now, I know that is possible because our cousin is an artist and earns his bread and butter painting (and doing what he loves) very successfully.

However, for crafters who for example, make greeting cards, can there really be such a thing as making a living from selling handmade cards? How many cards would you have to sell each month before you hit the national average salary and can pay the mortgage and buy the groceries and live comfortably?

I know that for a lot of crafters and designers, it starts off as a hobby and then turns into a part-time exploit which can generate good pocket money. But, at what point does doing what you enjoy turn into a money making scheme, if at all?

I will stop waffling now and come to my point. I have been contacted by a producer for a new BBC series who are looking for makers and ‘kitchen-top crafters/designers’ who want to take their products/designs to the next level. The idea is that the chosen artisan would be coached and mentored by a successful business woman, who will take them through all the processes and pitfalls of creating a new business, culminating in a ‘pitch’ to a big company to launch their product/designs as the next big British brand.

Many people would jump at the opportunity and many would balk at the idea of having their designs turn into a mass-produced item. I just wonder how many people would really turn down an opportunity to make serious money from their craft and would it be seen as ‘selling out’ to the whole hand-made ethos? I suppose at the end of the day it’s all about your ambitions for your craft.

I do have more information and an application form on this BBC series if anyone is interested, so contact me if you want to find out more.


Wall Envy Art window display

I just walked past Diva Wrappings today and guess who is featured in their window display?


Wall Envy Art aka Louise is a very talented illustrator. She finds beautiful pages and text which she then frames, mounts, illustrates and inks, the result are really charming prints to hang or stand alone. Louise will be at the Artisans show on the 21st. Yay!


Love tea?

If you love tea and coffee and yearn to host your own tea party using the most delectable tea sets and cake stands, now is your chance to get hold of some.

The lovely Clarabows is selling a small selection of her very large collection of Vintage Tea Sets. They are on ebay with no reserve, so go wild!