Not so secret ‘pie club’

I am a proud member of the ‘twitter pie club’, along with the lovely and talented illustrators and designers @muddleduck, @jennyariane, @catpalairet, @DeeAndrews.

We decided that it would be fun to create a badge for each other. We considered doing a ‘secret santa’ thing, but it got a bit complex and so in the end Jenny suggested doing it alphabetically. So I made a steak and ale badge for @catpalairet and the very yummy mummy @muddleduck made one for me. Pictures of all badges will be posted on our flickr group (yes we are taking this very seriously) once all the badges arrive at their destinations.

I love my badge and it pretty much captures my love of pie, all hand-sewn – how clever! Thank you very much Julia!

Inkling Prints labels and Button bears

You are getting two topics for the price of one in today’s post.

The very talented designer and illustrator Kiran (@InklingPrints) ordered some printed round labels the other day. I was really looking forward to seeing the artwork she was supplying as her work is just gorgeous. I wasn’t disappointed. There are some designs that just ‘work’ and this is definitely one of them. I have been allowed to show you a sneaky preview of the labels…nice heh?

I have a four year old birthday party to go to on Saturday and I always try and buy handmade when it comes to gifts. I recently commissioned a Holly Fairy and Ben Elf for the little Crayons from Amanda at Handmade by Button and thanks to the power of facebook and the birthday boy’s Mummy’s statuses, I knew what his favourite characters were. So, on Wednesday night I sent @giantbutton a message asking (aka pleading) to see if she could knock up a special commission. A couple of hours later, a homage to Brave Captain Barnacles was cut, sewn and finished! Now that’s what I call exceptional customer service.

Mel Anderson Design designed labels

The very lovely Mel Anderson ordered some round labels today. Mel is a super talented felt and textile artist, she also takes great pride in the presentation of her work (see sample picture below). She is also an excellent client, in that she pretty much gives me free-reign with the ‘design’ aspect.

I really wanted to incorporate some of Mel’s personaility and unique style into the labels to showcase her work and to keep her branding consistent and what better way than by using her ‘Love x’ felt art (quickly becoming a best-seller for Valentine’s day) as inspiration? I have allowed for 3 various designs all based on Mel’s work for maximum flexibility.

I have really enjoyed designing these and hope they will compliment the whole ‘Mel Anderson Design‘ experience when you buy a piece from her.

Wedding monogram logo design

I was recently contacted by a journalist asking for samples of my wedding monogram design work for publication in a wedding magazine next year.

I whipped up some samples to her specification and printed off some labels, which worked particularly well. Fingers crossed that they get a feature in the magazine in the next year.

I really enjoy working on monograms, they are like mini-logos but without the seriousness. They are an expression of the happy couple’s personality and style. I still design with the view that the monogram should work in all context of the wedding stationery as well as any digital media, but it’s a much more relaxed process.

Time allowing, I would like to explore this product more in the new year. I think there are more and more ‘design’ conscience couples out there and they look to adding their own personal stamp on their big day.

Apparently, next season’s wedding palette is going to be purples, teals and monochrome. Lovely!

My monograms can currently be ordered exclusively on Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous for a very modest fee of £35.

No such thing as too much orange

I love being a designer. I don’t get to travel around the world (yet) in my job, but I get to work with companies all around the world.

Most recently I was asked to work on a concept for a New Zealand ISP for their pre-pay site which was aimed at students. Their corporate colours are orange, grey and grey.

I was given free reign to go wild and wacky and so I thought, what is the opposite of funky and cool?

Flock wallpaper.

In orange.

Imagine my delight when they opt for that design. Sometimes clients just surprise me in the best sense of the word.

I heart faces

Inspired by Mrs PinkMilk, I have decided to enter the I heart Faces competition. This weeks’ Photo Challenge – “Best Face Photo”. Open to all photographers, bumbling point and clickers like me to professionals. Not sure what the prize is, if any.

Here is my entry, Master Crayons in his deer-stalker gazing at Mister Crayons out of shot.

{update: Just noticed that the hat is on back-to-front. This is what happens when Daddy dresses the children.}

Ruby Wren Designs

Following my previous post about the new Ruby Wren logo, I am delighted to announce the brand new Ruby Wren Designs website and blog!

Hayley asked me to design and set up an ecommerce solution for her very stylish and unique range of eco greeting cards and stationery made from elephant poo. She also wanted a blog that was easy to use (I just love love love WP) and integrated into the shop side.

I have to say I am really pleased with how it has turned out. It certainly is one of the prettiest sites I have designed. It helped that Hayley was a very accommodating client (i.e. she went along with all my ideas). All my clients are lovely, beautiful people, but I am especially fond of those who don’t answer back…too often.

Hayely is going to be running special promotions during the first week in January, so be sure to visit Ruby Wren Designs each day and follow her blog for lots of other offers throughout the year!


Pretty poo

Did that title get your attention? Thought it might. Don’t panic, I haven’t gone all gross and lost the plot, well not the whole plot anyway.

I was recently asked to work on a new logo for the lovely Hayley at Ruby Wren Designs. Hayley is a designer and creates some fabulous cards using the most eco of materials, elephant poo! Her handcut designs make great use of the paper stock which is thick and very soft, it doesn’t smell either, which is always a bonus in a greetings card.

Hayley wants to take her business to the next level, she is taking part in the Princes Trust scheme and wanted to refresh her branding in line with her new online shop, website and blog (more on that another time).

My brief was something delicate and pretty using a pastel colour palette. I came up with a couple of ideas, but I definately had a favourite. I was delighted when Hayley choose the ‘right’ logo. After a few tweaks, we came up with this. Ta-da!


I am really pleased with this design. I think it really captures Hayley’s sense of style and the unique nature of her cards. I am looking forward to watching her business blossom and grow in 2010.


Poster printing BIG style

I am ordering some sample popart prints for the Artisans show and I uploaded artwork at 3:16pm expecting it to take 2/3 days to arrive. The next day the postie knocks on the door and lo-and-behold my poster print has arrived!


It’s a fabulous big 20×20 inch print and I have used retro style colours (popart retro?!?) and I think it really works. I am tempted to order a 40×40 inch just to see how it would look but we really have run out of wall space!

‘Mr. Crayons’ was very impressed with the quality of the print (which is saying much as he is a real photography perfectionist). Normally inkjets can be a bit dodgy, but this was clean and sharp. Now we just have to build a new wall to dispay it…