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Happy Christmas folks!

icon_downloadTo download the PDF, right-click on the link below and select ‘Save Link As’.
Who Ate My Crayons – Free Letter to Santa – December 2013 – PDF 311KB

***UPDATE November 2016*** There’s also a 2016 version now available for FREE downloading.

There They're Their

Grammar obsessed posters

As promised recently I have now produced my grammar postcards in large format A3 posters.

These would make perfect gifts for friends, family members, teachers or anyone who appreciates the humor in grammar (or someone who is slightly obsessed with grammar, and needs to get out more).

If you’re anything like me, once you see the wrong use of your/you’re it will be almost impossible to see anything else.

“Help! I can’t seem to stop correcting other people’s grammar. *Sobs*
Awww, there, they’re, their.”

There They're Their

“The difference between knowing your shit & you’re shit.”

The Difference

“Let’s eat Grandma!
Punctuation saves lives.
Let’s eat, Grandma!
Think of the Grandmas.”

Let's eat Grandma

What’s your favourite twitch inducing error? Posters can be purchased in the shop.

Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Some of you may have seen my tweets regarding a new design project I have been working on involving science and geeky stuff. I was asked to design a poster of the elements for my friend as she was looking for something funky and different having struggled to find anything that she liked online.

I am not suggesting that I have re-invented the wheel, but I have to say that I am so pleased with the result. You know you’ve done a good job when the MD and staff of the printing company compliments you on the work.

I’d like to credit Mrs Sausages-Milk for the idea (11.456%) and thank her for checking and re-checking the table, even if she did get one ‘wrong’.

Now you just have to help me decide on which one is the best colour palette and do you prefer A2 traditional layout or widescreen layout? Decisions, decisions…

Periodic Table of Elements Brights Framed
Periodic Table of Elements Warm Framed
Periodic Table of Elements Neutral Unframed
Periodic Table of Elements Brights Wide Unframed
Deborah Meaden Twitter Special Mention

Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous

Deborah Meaden Twitter Special MentionThe other day the very lovely team at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous won a special mention from the equally lovely (with great shoe collection) BBC Dragon and hugely successful business woman Deborah Meaden.

Deborah is currently running a twitter campaign encouraging others to support British businesses by buying British this Christmas. I totally agree with this and whenever I can I always try to look for British based and if possible hand-crafted goods and products. I am lucky that I know so many fabulous designer makers, many of whom are on twitter.

I was asked by the GWAG team to design them a badge that they could use to promote their ‘special mention’. I have created a few for the ‘other’ Dragon Theo Paphitis for his ‘Small Business Sunday’ twitter winners, so it felt right to do this for Deborah’s campaign. As with all my badge work, all proceeds will be donated to charity. This month I have chosen the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Be sure to check out Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous for some lovely goodies.

Personalised Family Christmas Cards

Personalised Family Name Christmas Cards

Personalised Family Christmas Cards
Personalised Family Christmas Cards
I have designed a range of personalised family name christmas cards this year and just collected my samples from my friendly local printers and they look jolly spiffing even if I do say so myself!

Simple, but striking black illustrations, digitally printed on pure white 300gsm mondi card, 110mm squared final size, scored and folded.

I am looking forward to snail-mailing my family and friends, although, not just yet as it’s still only October. I suspect I’ll be able to enlist the help of a little elf to help me add come crayon colour action as well…

If you want to be organised too, you can order some from my online shop 🙂

Merry (nearly) Christmas!

Miniature Perfume Shoppe

Recently I have been working very internationally, Texas U.S.A no less! My client there is lovely Leslie Ann who owns an amazing little online boutique selling miniture perfumes around the world. LA contacted me through twitter and asked if I could help with reworking her logo.

The brief was to remain very true to the existing design, but give it an overall refresh and update. The original design was not truly circular so we made that simple change. We kept the core colours of pink, white and black. I wasn’t keen on the original font and slightly lop-sided alignment so suggested some new fonts which were similar in style. I also created new illustrations of the bottles and removed and added some new features.

Overall, I think we have really managed to retain the style but make it more streamline and elegant and of course we all know why it’s so important to have a vector version of your logo!

Previous MPS logo
New updated MPS logo

Following on from the logo work it made sense to adapt the website header to match with the new logo. It was a fun task as we literally turned into budding architects and structual engineers in terms of removing windows and adding new boardings (all digitally). Below is the before and after. I am really pleased at how it’s all worked out and I think LA is pleased too with her ‘refreshed’ site also.

The previous header with it's broken and disjointed sections
The new header with new MPS shop and branding, even on the little handbag

Please do visit www.miniatureperfumeshoppe.com to find out more about these wonderful little fragrances.

Personalised oval stickers, perfect for product branding

I have finally gotten round to showing you these new very lovely oval stickers which I have created for a client for some wedding favours and packaging branding.

A nice to change the the round stickers (which are very popular). A lovely decent 60mm by 34mm paper sticker which has lots of space for logos, straplines and graphics.

21 stickers per A4 sheet, 5 sheets = 105 stickers for a mere £15.00 with FREE P&P. Printed from client supplied artwork.

You can order on my Printed Stationery services section.

Twitter #SBS web badges

I was lucky to have been chosen for a #SBS (Small Business Sunday) re-tweet by Theo Paphitis (BBC Dragon – Dragon’s Den) on 23 January 2011. It has brought me lots of new opportunities and lots of lovely new followers and associates on twitter.

Since then there have been new members to the SBS club each week and I have been fortunate enough to have produced some website badges for some of them to help promote their ‘win’. Below are some examples of the SBS badges.

If you would like one it only costs a mere £10 and all proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity, so far the following amounts have been donated to the following charities:

March/April 2011 – British Red Cross Japan Appeal – £71.25
April/May/June – Christchurch Earthquake Appeal : New Zealand Government – £90.00
June/July 2011 – New Life Charity – £80.00
August 2011 – Retail Trust – £135.00
Sept/Nov 2011 – Children in Need – £130
Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 – Cystic Fibrosis Trust – £50
To Date – Collecting for www.niamhsnextstep.com

Artwork is as a transparent .PNG and can colours can be branded and tailored to your company colours.

Here is a selection of some newly updated badges for my lovely clients incorporating the new ‘official’ SBS logo but keeping the Crayon/Client’s distinctive branding.

Round stickers galore!

The very lovely (and super talented) photographer Vicki Knight ordered some round labels from me. She wanted to use three design elements from her logo (which is a great little logo).

After a bit of faffing from my part, we settled on a 19mm for her ‘K’ and the new 25mm super dooper, and rather funky if I say so myself, gloss transparent stickers for her ‘flower’ motif and the 29mm for the logo.

I am delighted with the results, they look really good and hopefully this order should last her quite a while!

You can order the new gloss transparent stickers from my Printed Stationery shop as well as the new 19mm and a lovely big 40mm for those of you who have lots to say on a round label.

Branded printed labels make the world go round

The round labels are proving very popular, so popular in fact that I am currently trialing some round gloss style labels and transparent style labels. Once I am happy with the quality and look, I’ll put them online as part of the Printed Stationery range. From samples to date, I suspect they will be a big hit!

In the meantime, you can look at some highlights of most recent orders from my lovely clients. Client supplied designs from Abi of ‘Sew You’ (sewing queen and a bit of a design junkie) and Kerry of ‘Truffle Piglet’ (don’t you just love the name?). Sara of ‘Kitty Eden’ would have designed her own, but I saw one of her flower brooches and was inspired, so sent her a design, which she didn’t have any choice but to accept.