Brigantia Bag – Special Commission

Remember that handbag I commissioned the other week? Well it arrived today and it is just beautiful, great attention to detail and very well made.

My requirements were for something that was a cross between organiser bag and work bag with plenty of slip pockets inside and out for my paper samples and pantone swatch book (yes I do take that everywhere I go – sad) and would fit A4 landscape.


  • SKT White 8
  • SKT White 7
  • SKT White 6
  • SKT White 5
  • SKT White 4
  • SKT White 3
  • SKT White 2
  • SKT White 1

Notice the cute turquoise brooch? That was included as a thoughtful freebie. It’s not everyday you can say you have a bag designed just for you!

Thank you to Kim at Brigantia Designs.

3 Responses to “Brigantia Bag – Special Commission

  • That is a really lovely bag – you must be so pleased with it!

    Pomona x

  • That’s a lovely bag! Don’t tell Mr Crayons about it though. 😉

  • Gone are the days when I can buy stealth bags…not when they arrive in a big interesting looking box and the kids take great delight in tearing open the tape – whilst squealing in high pitch.

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