Ballerina butterfly zorro

We recently had a party and ‘Miss Crayons’ dressed up for the occassion in her full battle gear. Turquoise and pink dress, with full netted tutu over the top, 5 hairclips, 2 bunches, a purple butterfly necklace, pink plastic charm bracelet and a paper eye mask. I wouldn’t mind, but the mask was a cheap and tacky number from a Christmas cracker variety. It never ceases to amaze me what children get fixated with and the lengths they will go to for their fixation.

However, the following photograph is one of my favourite shots of her from the party. Taken by pinkmilkisyummy. I am sure the photographer will forgive me for fiddling with the image a bit, I just can’t help myself, it’s a complusion (aka meddling).


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