Creativesque – new logo and branding

I recently asked by talented artist and illustrator Stacey-Ann to help her refine her logo and branding. Stacey-Ann wanted to re-focus her business more towards fine art and illustrations work and have a more professional and consistent brand image.

I instinctively knew that I wanted to have something quite organic and fluid to reflect the nature and style of her work, very romantic watercolours. We tried a couple of fonts and in the end Stacey-Ann settled on a font that was not too structured, but still had a formality to it. We decided on a lovely palette of rich purples and pinks and the result is now available for you to see on She has recently ordered some new business cards and they look very smart indeed – see the blog.

I enjoy working with other designers as it’s often refreshing to have very clear direction on what colours and style, not that I don’t like being given a complete freedom either. This is why my job is so satisfying.

While you are there, please do check out her illustrations and paintings. All original and very unique.

Inkling Prints – Printed Accessories

When I heard that illustrator and designer Kiran of Inkling Prints was going to venture into the world of fabric printing I got rather excited. I have always admired Kiran’s work and her designs are always very stylish and original and knew that they would translate well into fabric.

I wasn’t disappointed the other day when she showcased her first printed scarf on facebook. I love the mustard/gold colour and having just purchased some shoes in the same shade (fate, surely), I brought the scarf. Must have been one of the quickest sales on FB I know of.

When it arrived it was beautifully wrapped and presented (nice round sticker K!) with important care instructions. I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the scarf, was probably expecting heavier in a pashmina/wool type material for some reason, but this weight is prefect for this time of year.

What can I say apart from, it’s great, please go an order for yourself. You can choose from various colours and there might even be a silk version in the pipeline. I had better get back to work if I am going to buy some more goodies!

Funky Diva Designs – Custom Oilcloth Bag

I have been following Anna of @funkydivadesigns on twitter for a while and recently she posted new pictures of an oilcloth bag she had made for herself. I admired the bag very much at the time and a couple of weeks ago I put in an order for my very own oilcloth bag.

How hard was it to spec out a new handbag? Well, not hard at all really. I chose the fabric and then I sent Anna an email with some tweaks on her existing design and that was as much work as was required by me. I then sat back, enjoyed some cake and waited for the results.

Anna very kindly kept me updated with sneaky peek twitter update photos and at the last minute we decided to add some grab handles, which makes this shoulder bag completely practical for all occasions.

I love the bag and for some pennies you too could have a bag made to your exact specification! This is why I love commissioning work directly from designer/makers.

Cake Camp UK

cake camp uk logoWhat is it?
An informal (100% non-profit) one-day event where cake lovers (and eaters) can attend and learn different skills and techniques from professional guru cake makers, designers and decorators. Basically a learning and eating fest but without the togas.

When is it and where will it be?
Saturday 15th October 2011 held at a private kitchen in Clapham Junction, London. The morning session will be from 09:30 to 12:30 and the afternoon session will be from 14:00 to 17:00.

What will I learn?
We are planning on two-half day sessions with 14 attendees per session. Each session will cover two topics. The morning session will be for for cake-pops and cupcakes and the afternoon session for celebration cakes and mini macarons.

How much will it cost?
Each session will cost £39* per person. A full day will cost £78. This is to cover the cost of the venue hire and prices include all the ingredients, decorations and equipment required along with non-stop supply of tea, coffee and refreshments. There will also be very special goody bags for each attendee (with F&P involved, how can it not be super classy?).

*A percentage from each booking will be donated to a charity that combines volunteers, surplus food and a free kitchen space to create nutritious meals and positive social change in the community.

Please note, if attending both sessions, you will need to make your own arrangements for the lunch break.

What do I need to bring?
Apart from a sense of humour and willingness to have lots of fun, you will need to bring your own cake, or cupcakes based on what session you are attending. More details will be sent to you after your booking.

Who will be teaching?
We are delighted to annouce that Ruth of @ThePinkWhisk has agreed to attend the whole day to be on hand as our overall cake-goddess-guru! Ruth was a Finalist on BBC2’s The Great British Bake Off and in her own words is “… a full-time stay at home mixer girl I have no formal training or baking type qualifications completely self taught in my own particular style!” Find out more about Ruth at

We are currently confirming availabilities with other talented cake/bake gurus and will put their details on as soon as we have a firm commitment.

Who can attend?
Anyone and everyone. If you love cake (and who doesn’t?), this is the event for you. Plus it’s also a great opportunity to meet other twittees. We might even squeeze in some design/making of the non-cake variety.

There is a twitter list of interested parties already created and you can use #cakecampuk to tweet, but feel free to comment below with your details and what cake activity (trainer or cake-lover) you would be interested in. Twitter in love cake by Mariana Pugliese.

Whose madcap idea was this?
Cake Camp UK was a random idea conceived one dull and grey Thursday lunchtime, whilst chatting with @FraserParsley on twitter. So basically, I blame Josie and twitter for all of this. For beautiful stationery and parties planning, visit your one-stop-shop.

Spaces are very limited, so please make your booking and payment to secure your space!

Make a booking now

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Hush Baby Sleeping – Refreshed logo

The very lovely and rather talented designer maker Gail Iredale of Hush Baby Sleeping contacted me recently regarding some work.

In the process, she sent me her logo (which I later discovered that she had devised and then asked someone to translate into digital format for her). The problem was that Gail was not 100% sure about the logo as she felt that the URL didn’t stand out well against the gingham design.

I could see where she was coming from with her design and I knew that it just needed a bit of refining and polishing up. I already had a clear idea of the style Gail liked and so after thinking it over presented her with some ideas. I sharpened up the colours, created a new gingham pattern and added some ‘shabby-chicness’.

The final results are below. I am really pleased with the way it has come out and I think it just goes to prove that if it isn’t broken you don’t need to fix it, but sometimes adding some ‘go faster stripes’ makes it that little bit better!

Now Gail has a vector artwork file of her logo which gives her the freedom to create tiny little stickers to big floor standing vinyl banners. Spanking new e-shop to follow – watch this space!

Hush Baby Sleeping Logo Before
Hush Baby Sleeping Logo After

Twitter #SBS web badges

I was lucky to have been chosen for a #SBS (Small Business Sunday) re-tweet by Theo Paphitis (BBC Dragon – Dragon’s Den) on 23 January 2011. It has brought me lots of new opportunities and lots of lovely new followers and associates on twitter.

Since then there have been new members to the SBS club each week and I have been fortunate enough to have produced some website badges for some of them to help promote their ‘win’. Below are some examples of the SBS badges.

If you would like one it only costs a mere £10 and all proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity, so far the following amounts have been donated to the following charities:

March/April 2011 – British Red Cross Japan Appeal – £71.25
April/May/June – Christchurch Earthquake Appeal : New Zealand Government – £90.00
June/July 2011 – New Life Charity – £80.00
August 2011 – Retail Trust – £135.00
Sept/Nov 2011 – Children in Need – £130
Dec 2011 to Feb 2012 – Cystic Fibrosis Trust – £50
To Date – Collecting for

Artwork is as a transparent .PNG and can colours can be branded and tailored to your company colours.

Here is a selection of some newly updated badges for my lovely clients incorporating the new ‘official’ SBS logo but keeping the Crayon/Client’s distinctive branding.

Doing my bit to help: Japan Tsumani Appeal

As we have all been seeing and reading in the news recently about Japan and the desperate situation where people have lost everything, including loved ones and family and friends. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel.

I have been trying to do my bit and sent some much needed cash via the official organisations that are out there assisting people. I wish there was a way I could directly help those who have lost everything, by sending clothes or food, but I suppose it is just not practical, so donating cash is the next best thing.

Thank you to all my lovely clients and friends who have purchased origami cards, ordered graphics and printed stationery. Together we have managed to raise a respectable £71. Not a fortune, but I hope it helps.

What is it, one evil-giant supermarket uses as their slogan? ‘Every little helps’.

Sketch for Japan

The very lovely team at PiddleyPix tweeted about a unique offer the other day. Order an A6 sketch of anything you want (within reason) for only £10, £8 of which will be donated to British Red Cross Japan Appeal.

I sent off an email with some photos and this is the result. Isn’t it brilliant? What a wonderful way to show your support and get something very special in return.

Please visit piddleypix and order your sketch NOW!

I am also doing my bit, and selling some paper crafts and cards, all the proceeds to the same cause. So if you are feeling generous please check out my site as well 😉

Round stickers galore!

The very lovely (and super talented) photographer Vicki Knight ordered some round labels from me. She wanted to use three design elements from her logo (which is a great little logo).

After a bit of faffing from my part, we settled on a 19mm for her ‘K’ and the new 25mm super dooper, and rather funky if I say so myself, gloss transparent stickers for her ‘flower’ motif and the 29mm for the logo.

I am delighted with the results, they look really good and hopefully this order should last her quite a while!

You can order the new gloss transparent stickers from my Printed Stationery shop as well as the new 19mm and a lovely big 40mm for those of you who have lots to say on a round label.

Everyone loves a Superhero

Well, at least I know that lovely Mummy blogger Jen from Mum in the Madhouse loves her Superhero, he also happens to be MadDad, her husband.

Jen saw my Batman insipired ‘Kapow’ card a while back and asked me to come up with a design for MadDad. Her detailed spec involved him being her ‘Superhero’ and that was it.

I had an idea for a retro style font and some super powered stars. I hope MadDad likes it!

Following a quick tweet, @sewjustinesew has asked me to create a similar design for her Superhero. I am rather excited, I think I am going to experiment with colour – watch this space!

**Update – 3 Feb 2011**
Colour Superhero version can now be seen in my ‘Hommage to Handmade’ section.