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Interview on Littleadesigns blog

The lovely Marna of Little A Designs asked me for an interview for her ‘Artist Interviews’ feature on her new blog.

I was a little hesitant as I feared that I would have nothing of interest to say. Turns out that bit was true, but boy, can I whinge and waffle.

Little A Designs

Little A Designs

A couple of months back I did some work on Little A Designs’ old e-commerce website and blog. It was a straight forward change of some elements of the shop page and creating some new styles for the blog. I really enjoyed working with Marna, she’s super creative and has a clear direction on the style and format she likes.

So, it was a great pleasure and privilege to be asked to help Marna completely define and devised a totally new concept for her shop when it came for time for her to re-invent herself (a la Madonna style, but minus the boob tassels).

I asked Marna for a design brief. What I got was a mood board in a box full crammed full of her favourite ribbons, washi tapes and fabrics along with some screens of design elements she liked.

It was rather difficult for me to not want to use all the delicious ideas, I had to use my restraint, imagine that! I came up with three different concepts all using different design elements that had been outlined. It’s always a nail-biting time for me when waiting for feedback on initial concepts, because although I love the designs I send off to a client, there is always the fear of them not being not quite ‘right’.

Design feedback for Little A Designs initial concepts
I need not have feared. Marna loved them all, and do you know how I could tell? She sent me a picture with different parts of all three designs cut and paste (literally) onto a new hybrid design.

I had hand-written notes and comments on the various elements and also suggestions on what would work. I would soon get very used to this sort of feedback ML style.

We worked on refining the design further with each revision until we came up with a design that we were both very happy with.

I can honestly say that we were very much on the same wave-length when it came to what worked and what didn’t work. I think I only had to put my foot down once and do a ‘designer strop’ to get my own way.

The final website is a true reflection of Marna and her creativity. From the bits of fabric on the basket/cart area to the crochet frame which she made along with her favourite washi tapes. Most personal were the frames that have been used in the gallery pages which came from her own collection and housed pictures of the gorgeous Lunt family.

Alongside the talents of illustrations of Artwork by Angie and the beautiful product images by Lyndsey James photography, I think that you will agree that this is a real team effort and I for one would not begrudge all the hours that have been put in to come up with such a bespoke and unique product for such a truly inspirational lady.

Please go and have a good old nosey at the site and the blog and treat yourself to something beautiful while you are there.

New refreshed website

I have been neglecting my poor blog. This is due to a manically heavy workload which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the other day I was chatting with a potential client and they asked me if I had examples of the most recent projects I had worked on and to my shame I had to admit that I had not updated my portfolio for a very long time.

So, spurred on by shame and fueled by a lot of cake, I have been burning the midnight oil and so TA-DA, I present, the all new singing and dancing (not really) crayons website!

I also updated my shop as well for a more streamlined shopping experience, so do pop over and have a nose at the goodies available for sale there.

I promise to try and blog more, especially on the exciting projects I have been working on and will be working on, so do watch this space!

Inaugural #SBS event with Theo Paphitis – BBC Dragon

On the 30th of March all the winners of Small Business Sunday (#SBS) initiative started by Theo Paphitis were invited to a special event at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

I dragged the lovely Mr Crayons along with me and the equally lovely Gabriella Buckingham of Moobaacluck also hitched a ride with us.

We arrived at the venue, the newly refurbished stadium with 4 minutes to spare. After a quick look at the Chromobile (very subtle shiny chrome car parked in the forecourt) we entered the conference room. The whole place was already buzzing with plenty of people in the conference room mingling, chatting, drinking and munching on sarnies. We were all given name badges which had our real names and also our twitter names, which was basically better for me. A lot of the time mingling was spent staring at people’s chests, which Mr C found rather interesting.

We managed to find my crew, which was Jo of 3 blonde bears, Kyleigh of Kyleigh Papercuts, Heidi of Giddykipper (Mrs Kipperchops) and Liza of Lizajdesign. We also met up with many other lovely people, sadly I didn’t manage to get pictures of everyone – but you have to trust me when I say they were as lovely and charming as they are on twitter! At one point the man of the moment made a brief appearance but quickly left again when we started to swarm in his direction.

After some time chatting, we were asked to go into the other conference room. We managed to find seats in the second row (best for heckling) and the event was off to a flying start. There was a live feed of tweets on the big screen which made for an interesting timeline. Every time one of our group got a tweet on the screen there was a loud – whoop!

We were introduced to Kypros Kyprianou – Ryman’s CEO. Then Theo took the floor. He spoke and was on stage for nearly 2.5 hours – fuelled by beer and a good sense of humour. We were shown a new official SBS website which was produced by a fellow SBS winner and also a new official badge (see pictures below). Theo was very charming, amusing and very generous with his time especially during the Q&A session. Even though he was ‘told off’ a few times for going over the time, he took as many questions as he could.

There was a quick free bar break while we went through individual official pictures, by alphabetical order. As a W I was in for a bit of a wait. Mr C suggested that next time I start my business name with an A. The wait wasn’t too bad as we were watered and I also got a chance to catch up with a few other SBS winners – though not as many as I would have liked.

When my turn finally came to have my photo with Theo, I told him that my husband had approved a cheeky kiss, and he very kindly obliged – although he did tell me that he was going to get into a lot of trouble for it! We then had our photo taken and I left very happy and fully certified.

We left Birmingham at around 17:30 and get back to Peterborough for 19:15, in time for a lovely meal at our fav Indian restaurant. By that point in the day Gabs, Mr Crayons and I realised that we had not eaten more than half a sandwich each all day! Needless to say the dinner was delicious.

What an amazing day, big thanks must go to Mr Crayons for being our chauffeur and being so supportive and lovely throughout the whole day. I think he’s a keeper.

Official Press Release to follow shortly.

SBS preparations and accessories

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will know that I have mentioned Small Business Sunday (#SBS) a few times. I have received my tickets for the winners event on the 30th and I am beyond excited at getting to meet more of the winners of this unique group of people/businesses, all under the eye of the charming Dragon.

The other week I wrote to the lovely and very talented Marna of to commission a special SBS rosette that I could wear to the event. I gave Marna details of my proposed outfit* (reserve the right to change mind – again) and this morning I received the most beautifully presented package. I love that the branding all matched so beautifully (I am a self-confessed branding snob). I particularly loved the postcard for a make-your-own rosette. I am really looking forward to showing it off at the meeting and telling everyone who designed and made it with such care and attention to detail. What a clever lady!

I have also treated myself to some Spot UV business cards designed and produced especially for the event – there’s a sneaky preview below. I shall be handing them out on the 30th, so if you see me and I haven’t already forced one into your hand, please do ask 😉

Press Release: SBS


Local Business to Participate in Small Business Sunday Event Organised by Theo Paphitis of BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Who Ate My Crayons, a local business based outside of Peterborough, will be joining Theo Paphitis of BBC’s Dragon’s Den at a networking event in Birmingham this March after being selected as one of his six favourite small businesses in a weekly Twitter event.

Mr. Paphitis selected Who Ate My Crayons last January and tweeted his selection to his 223,000 followers. “I was thrilled when I saw the tweets coming in congratulating me on being chosen,” says Tia Lush, owner of Who Ate My Crayons. “It was a complete surprise, as it was only my second attempt in the contest. The website visit statistics went through the roof. I couldn’t believe it.”

After the contest, Ms. Lush created an SBS ‘badge’ for her website to celebrate the win. Other people saw it and asked if she could design them a similar badge for their own websites. She soon became the unofficial badge designer for SBS, through word of mouth and recommendation from other SBS winners.

“I have been delighted to have helped each winner, and have donated all the proceeds from the badge work to charity,” says Ms. Lush. “So far, we have raised over £500,which has been donated to charities such as the Japan Tsunami Appeal and NewLife Charity.”

She continues: “I think it’s wonderful that such a successful businessman can show his support to UK-based businesses by taking time out of his Sunday evening to organise this event. Through my win, I have connected with other SBS winners and have gained valuable new clients and leads, all through the power of Twitter. I’m looking forward to attending the event on March 30th, and meeting the other members of this unique club.”


About Who Ate My Crayons Ltd
Who Ate My Crayons is a graphic and website design agency. It is run by designer Tia Lush. Tia has over 12+ years in the media and advertising industry, predominately in London. She comes from a fine arts background, so has always been drawn to the creative side of business. Her clients range from large corporations to individuals starting their own businesses.

28 Drawings Later: Day Fourteen

I am afraid that I have missed a few days over the weekend. Surprising really as the weekends are supposed to be when you get lots of free time?!

Here is a quick one for today, not technically a drawing or a painting. But I got bored while painting a rather large wall. Matt emulsion on wall.

Happy Valentine’s Days everyone. Have a couple of slices of cake on me!