New Baby Floral Heart Illustrated Card

Personalised illustrated cards for new baby twins

I was asked the order day if I could produced some ‘new baby’ themed cards based around the same theme as the popular floral heart cards.

I thought about some possible shapes that I could use and when I found out that the babies were twins I immediately thought ‘socks!’. So here are some ‘socks’ doodle illustrated floral design cards (try saying that with a mouthful of cake!).

New Baby Floral Heart Illustrated Card

Available in the Shop soon.

Cherry Pie Lane

A while back I recieved an email from Charlie of Cherry Pie Lane (imagine my excitement people), alas, my dream of being paid in the form of cake was quickly dashed, but very quickly replaced by wanting to own lots of beautiful ceramic designs.

Cherry Pie Lane already had an online presence but it was time to upgrade to something that was easier to manage and give the business a new face-lift. Charlie wanted to start using the system for her e-commerce solution. I believe that we found each other through the mighty twitter-sphere, although I am lucky to be in create’s little ‘black book’ of WDK designers and often get referals via that route.

So, Charlie gave me a detailed design brief which was along the lines of ‘I like clean lines, pink gingham and linen’. Simple really.

After a few rounds of revisions, me insisting on ‘less is more’ when it comes to gingham and some whipping sessions (don’t ask) we arrived at the final result. Although I jest about the loose brief, I knew that Charlie had a clear vision of what she wanted and it was up to me to translate that into a website that not only looked delicious but worked for Cherry Pie Lane.

It has been a pleasure to work on this project with such a fun and clever lady and I am thrilled that the website really does let the designs shine and take centre stage. Check out the new website and tell me which designs you love. My personal favourite has got to be the circus inspired designs, but I may just be channelling my inner clown.

Kyleigh’s Papercuts

Late last year I was asked by the very talented papercutting Goddess Kyleigh to help her set up and develop her own website. Kyleigh is a best seller on Not on The High Street, but she had never had time to set up her own website.

So the idea was that Kyleigh would provide me with a design concept and I would ‘plumb’ it into an e-commerce platform. We discussed various options and in the end we settled for a system that offered flexibilty to grow and be 100% client manageable.

It was a great pleasure working with a designer who knew what she wanted, but who was also open to suggestion when it came to adapting her ideas into something that would work online.

We actually completed the website last year, but because Kyleigh was totally swamped with orders over the holiday period she wasn’t able to finish uploading products to the site. I only nagged her a few times over that period. Honest.

I am thrilled to announce that it is finally launched and it is totally magnificant. Please go and admire the unique designs and wonder at the skill (there’s a clip you can watch) at what it takes to complete a custom papercut.

Thank you to Kyleigh for allowing me to be a small part of her papercutting empire. It was a pleasure working with such a talent.

Rosettes by Little A Designs

I received the most amazing package of goodies the other day. I had asked the very lovely sewing and hand stitching goddess that is Marna of Little A Designs for some special rosettes.

I knew they were going to be gorgeous, but I was blown away at all the attention to detail, from the washi tape ribbons to the hand made ‘little a’ ceramic buttons to the authenticity certificates. Beautifully presented and all made with love. When you commission something from Marna, expect something very special indeed.

My only dilemma is that I want to hang my HQ rosette in the middle of my monitor so I get to look at it all day long, however, this makes is a tad difficult to do any actual work.

I look forward to wearing my ‘nobber’ and ‘cakeface’ rosettes with utter pride.

There They're Their

Grammar obsessed posters

As promised recently I have now produced my grammar postcards in large format A3 posters.

These would make perfect gifts for friends, family members, teachers or anyone who appreciates the humor in grammar (or someone who is slightly obsessed with grammar, and needs to get out more).

If you’re anything like me, once you see the wrong use of your/you’re it will be almost impossible to see anything else.

“Help! I can’t seem to stop correcting other people’s grammar. *Sobs*
Awww, there, they’re, their.”

There They're Their

“The difference between knowing your shit & you’re shit.”

The Difference

“Let’s eat Grandma!
Punctuation saves lives.
Let’s eat, Grandma!
Think of the Grandmas.”

Let's eat Grandma

What’s your favourite twitch inducing error? Posters can be purchased in the shop.

Geek IT Unusual Valentine Cards

I love sketching and illustrating especially with simple black pen. I like the crispness of a black and white design. Sometimes I toy with the idea of introducing colours into my designs but invariably I always return to the black pen.

The other day I received an order for a ‘Love u’ code card and from someone in Canada (I love the idea of being international). I subsequently found out that the buyer found my card via a google search using keywords ‘Science Valentine Card’. How awesome is that? Just goes to prove that it’s worth updating your website content and blog.

So, today I am mostly wrapping up A2 periodic table of elements posters and illustrating geeky, nerdy and IT related valentines cards and the sun is shining AND it’s Friday.

If you would like a card, please go to the online shop where there are a few geeky designs to choose from. Have a great weekend 🙂

Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Some of you may have seen my tweets regarding a new design project I have been working on involving science and geeky stuff. I was asked to design a poster of the elements for my friend as she was looking for something funky and different having struggled to find anything that she liked online.

I am not suggesting that I have re-invented the wheel, but I have to say that I am so pleased with the result. You know you’ve done a good job when the MD and staff of the printing company compliments you on the work.

I’d like to credit Mrs Sausages-Milk for the idea (11.456%) and thank her for checking and re-checking the table, even if she did get one ‘wrong’.

Now you just have to help me decide on which one is the best colour palette and do you prefer A2 traditional layout or widescreen layout? Decisions, decisions…

Periodic Table of Elements Brights Framed
Periodic Table of Elements Warm Framed
Periodic Table of Elements Neutral Unframed
Periodic Table of Elements Brights Wide Unframed

The Sunday Gardener

The Sunday Gardener is an independent, non-profit, advice and resource website for gardeners and enthusiasts.

I was contacted by Carol, the owner and editor of the blog-style site with a view to updating the template. Carol had built the site on the Create.Net platform and was using one of their templates. The site was growing in content and it was time to update it to allow for drop down menus which the existing template could not allow for. Carol wanted to maintain the style of the existing website, so working from a revised sitemap and using the style of the existing website as a guide we eventually came up with a new updated design.

It has been a pleasure working with Carol on her website. She had a very clear idea of how she wanted it to look and the style, so it was a case of translating her thoughts into a workable design.

This is an excellent example of how to use an e-commerce solution like Create.Net for a non-commerce website. You can visit the site at for lots of lovely tips and hints on looking after your garden. There is also a handy annual calender which helps you plan your activities.

The Crystal Boutique

The Crystal Boutique is an online business selling bespoke and customised crystal shoes.

I was contacted by the owner and designer Jorden to help her re-work her existing website on the platform. Jorden had previously commissioned someone to design a template for her using Create’s WDK system, but the template was not working the way she wanted it to with major layout issues.

I was sent me some screenshots of the pages that were of concern with some ideas of what style and design changes were required. Based on this, I prepared some concept designs which we played around with until we had a design that we were both happy with. Using this design I created a template for the Create system. On this occasion it was easier to start from scratch instead of using what was there previously.

The great thing about using a templated system such as Create is that there is very little content changes that were required. A few product images had to be updated to match the new template, but apart from that once the new template was applied and tested the new Crystal Boutique website was launched!

The business owned by Jorden, an ambitious young lady who is going places, so keep an eye on her. You can see the new website in all its glory at You can also follow Jorden on twitter @TheCrystalB_

Sara Prebble Design

Interview on Sara Prebble Blog

I was asked the other day for a blog interview by lovely Sara Prebble. Having just done an interview for Littleadesigns, I felt fired up and a bit of a dab hand at this interviewing marlarky.

Sara is a designer and painter and a fantastic illustrator. I am a huge fan of her greeting card designs. Please do check them out when you visit.

Find out how I combine comic sans with bunting in a tasteful way.

Sara Prebble Design