Artisans Preview

After much anticipation and planning, the preview happened yesterday and went really well.

I was lucky enough to have the company of some of the artisans and designers during the day and we had a steady flow of visitors from the media and press. I am hopeful that we get another article in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph as they sent Alan the photographer along to take my picture (much to my horror and great amusement of Mrs Pink Milk).

The evening Diva Wrappings party went really well also and the place was pretty much jammed packed full of people looking at pretty things, eating cake and sniffing candles. What better way to spend an evening? We even made some sales so everyone is now really excited about the fair on the 21st.

Big, massive, giantic thanks goes to Wendy and James at Diva, my lovely artisans, pink milk photography, pennydog and ruby wren designs who came during the day and the evening guests christine pike, slugs and snails, wall envy art and land cuckoo. Also big thanks to other contributors who were unable to make it but were there in spirit, hook and scumble, candy apple, murano silver.

It was so lovely to meet the artisans in person and spend a whole day surrounded by such creative and talented people.

More photos of the event, courtesy of pink milk photography, can be seen here.

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