A day at the fair

Well, the Artisan fair has been and gone, and what a day!

I had lots of help, so firstly a huge thank you to Mrs Pink Milk and Wendy at Diva Wrappings for their help setting up Friday evening. It made a huge difference as the morning of the fair ran smoothly and there were no glitches for me in terms of getting the tables ready for all the exhibitors.

Mrs Pink Milk has taken lots of photos of the day as well as most of the lovely tables, so we have to be patient and wait for her to recover and post those (hint, hint).

I had such a fun day, I knew I would be in love with all the things there and I was so glad that other people, visitors and artisans alike, felt the same way. Goes to prove that quality does speak for itself.

My personal highlights for the day:

Slugs and Snails, Land Cuckoo and Cherry Trees girls spending most of the day wondering around in their socks.

Pennydog, recalling her journey adventure to Peterborough across country, literally.

Chilling out with MuranoSilver+Mum and watching a master ‘trader’ at work.

Sniffing chocolate soap. Yum.

Seeing Mr Crayons chatting to the artisans and being genuinely interested (and impressed) with their work.

Offering a flyer to a girl in the square and having her run away from me screaming was if I was offering her a dose of rabies.

Noticing the free stars on the ledge in the hallway disappear within a hour. Everyone loves a freebie.

Oh, in case you didn’t already know, the winner of the best dressed table went to Slugs and Snails, by 1 vote. She was delighted with the accolade and her prize which was a necklace from Hook and Scumble, which I knew she was a huge fan of already.

Would love to hear your highlights, so please leave a comment.

For those of you kind enough to ask if I will be making it a regular thing…well, I need to watch some x-factor and turn my brain off for a while. Watch this space though.

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